Friday, October 5, 2007

The Surgery

It is not really comfortable to sit in my computer chair, with my legs flat on the bed nearby and my torso twisted towards the computer screen to my left and write a fresh new blog!!! Few days ago I thought this was impossible, but today I’m doing it coz I have to. It is v v v v v difficult to kill time, especially sitting or sleeping most of the time and standing hardly for 5-10 mins/day.

I had to undergo a surgery in my leg, last Tuesday 25 Sep 2007. Doctor had asked me to get admitted around 6.30 a.m in empty stomach. I was there on time and was asked to wait in my room when mum was filling up forms and I was signing declarations regarding the surgery. It was 7 and I already felt boring, thirsty and hungry. “Not even a drop of water” the anaesthetist had told me the day before. He was a north Indian in his mid 40s or 50s and was very sweet and kind to me.
I was given a green.. sorry white..oops no it was grey..hmm I’m still confused- let me say a multi-colored gown to be worn. I was really shocked to see even small holes in the gown.
I said “Sorry I can’t wear this, gimme a different gown”,
the nurse said-“Don’t worry it is sterilized and that’s why the color
I-“Fine even if I don’t mind about the color I’m not ready to expose myself during the surgery, so please gimme a mended one at least”.
Even mum and dad were a bit shocked and mum suggested me to take up the surgery the next day in Apollo.
Dad said “It is ok. Let’s see the gown they get now and still if it is bad, we can talk to the Doctor and get a better one. We have to see the Doctor’s preference for the surgery and not ours, so just bear with all these minor issues
The bed linens and pillow covers were white turned blue in color. Other than that the service and ambience was good. No strong smelling floor cleaner and the room was pretty big, clean and convenient. My only suggestion in their feedback form was “Please change your launderer”.

I got changed and the Doctor came to the room asking “So, Aarthi. Ready?” I said “Yes, Doctor”. I was smiling unusually, coz till the day before I had all kinds of silly doubts and was very tensed. Though I have undergone a surgery before it was a very minor one and I was very casual until I saw the board named “Operation Theatre” and the sharp glistening blades, knifes and syringes. I was half petrified already but somehow managed not to shout or make a fuss, coz I was worried what if I disturb the surgeon by doing all that and as a result feared that the surgery many not be a 100% success.

This time they said they’ll give general anesthesia and I got many kinds of comments [some good and some really threatening] like,
Friend-Don’t worry you will be deep asleep and you won’t know anything.
MSD [My silly doubts]-What if I wake up in the middle of the surgery.
Mum-Don’t worry there will be one person completely concentrating on you.
MSD-What if something gets complicated with the operation and everyone including the person concentrating on me gets distracted to my leg and I wake up crying/shouting in pain?
Mum-She gave an indescribable mix of reactions and I stopped questioning her.
Friend-They’ll ask you to count 123 and you won’t remember saying 3.
Friend-It will be fun, you’ll feel like you are flying and when you wake up you’ll see your leg tied up with all bandages. You won’t feel any pain.
Friend-Don’t get tensed if they give you enema.
I was like “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt”
Iduku eduku enema, I’m going in empty stomach.
Friend-Just be prepared for everything. You’ll feel like vomiting when they give anesthesia!!!!!!!!!

All these conversations were flashing in my mind while I was getting on to the stretcher tying my hair and putting a cap. I was taken to the operation theatre. All people including dad in the corridor were staring at me with a sympathetic look on their face and I tried not to laugh seeing their reaction. Inside the theatre I was looking for any sharp instruments; Thank God I couldn’t find anything. The anesthetist tapped my head friendly and said “Hi”and I was again smiling and said “Hi”. He took my left hand and tapped the other side of my palm few times and I was injected with a yellow color fluid. Nurse asked the doctor mentioning the quantity of the fluid and he said “Yes” then she said “Given Doctor”. For pulse they clipped my forefinger. The nurse was angry seeing my long enameled nails, coz the signal was not proper or something and Doctor said something aloud in Hindi- I donno whether he was scolding me and I was least bothered about all that, at that point of time. They pasted some round stickers on me, saying it was for ECG. There were 2 split ACs and a small wooden clock ticking 8 a.m in front of me. I felt as if the clock is moving up and down slowly and then a bit faster and that’s it.

When I woke up the anesthetist asked me something and I said “chooffy”…. “Sify” and he said “ok ok”. My tongue was thick and I was unable to speak. My throat was very dry and I wanted to wet it with my saliva but I couldn’t. I felt a bit tensed when I couldn't do this. My vision was not clear yet but I was in the stretcher just outside the theatre waiting to be taken to my room. I felt very cold and was shivering. Nurse took my left hand and placed it slowly on me and covered me completely with the bed sheet making me feel warm. She was shouting at someone for making us wait for the lift. When I was taken to my room I saw mum and my grandpa there. They asked me to shift myself to the bed and I don’t know why…. I cried for some reason. Nurse asked mum “Why is she crying? She was fine till nowMumMight be after seeing me”. I was in my bed half asleep. I asked for time and mum said it was 10.45 a.m.

I asked for water and they gave me just 1 spoon. After sometime 2-3 spoons and that’s it. I was famished by that time and was waiting for my lunch. At 1 p.m I was allowed to have lunch. Friends came in the evening and I had a nice chat till 8. I felt tired and wanted to have a sound sleep, but I think I would have slept for hardly 2-3 hrs and I wanted to change my sleeping position. I raised my leg slowly but couldn’t turn myself to either of the sides coz it was hurting. I got back pain since I was lying in the same position facing the ceiling for nearly 20 hrs. I even felt little pain in my hand where they had pierced the needle and then started the pain in my legs.
It was bearable till 4 a.m and after that it slowly became severe. I thought I should bear the pain and should not disturb mum or nurse until they wake up and I controlled myself. I was lying in the bed saying “Hanuman Chalisa” and weeping so that my mum doesn’t hear me. At 5 I couldn’t bear anymore. The pain was EXCRUCIATING. I was thinking about the dressing that will be done in the evening and started to fear already. I have never been so frightened in my life. I called mum and she asked the nurse to give some pain killers. I was praying God wishing the nurse just gives a pill and not any injections in the pierced needle in my hand. I thought “I can’t bear anymore” Thank God the nurse gave a pill and I had slight fever. The whole of next day I was sleeping peacefully. I woke up just to have food and again slept. I felt fresh and better in the evening. The dressing was not as painful as I feared. Doctor asked me to see my leg, but I didn’t have the guts to see the stitches. The next day I got discharged and now I have changed the dressing once more.

It was really hard in the beginning, coz I had to expect mum for everything. Even now I don't say it is not hard but I got used to it. I had to use the wheel chair even to go to my room nearby and I really hated it. I got severe pain twice after coming home and fever following the pain. Slowly I learnt how to keep my legs so that it doesn’t hurt me. When they changed the dressing the 2nd time I saw my leg. It looked bad and I’m sure the mark is going to be obvious. I saw 2 needle like thing, one in each leg, pierced and which created the pain. Doctor said he’ll remove it after 2 weeks and for which I’m already scarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred and worried about the pain. I can’t leave my feet touch the floor and neither leave it hanging. My legs should always be at rest and that too perpendicular to my torso.

Only yesterday I managed to walk by myself, of course by holding the wall and other support nearby. Mum watched me happily, like watching her new born baby walking for the 1st time. Everyday I was able to type just few lines and that’s why it has taken so many days [more than a week] to complete this blog. Sorry for this really lengthy crap – you have to believe that I have written just 50% and I’m already exhausted.

My Thanks to

Doctors –you are really doing a great job!!!!! I was a bio student and had cried many days for not getting into medicine. But now I’m happy, coz I realized life is not comfortable watching blood, flesh, skin, knives, parts of human body, pain, cries, etc. So hats off to all Doctors there who really love their profession.

Mum-not just my mum but to every mum is the world, in simple words--Hats off for what you are!!!!

Things I missed a lot (in random order)

1. Blogs
2. Orkut
3. Friends
4. Internet
5. My room
6. Theatres and Movies
7. Gym
8. All my footwear
9. Shopping
10. Restaurants.


  1. hey aarthi enna aachu.. for wht u were operated.. i see ure doin well now..
    get well soon.. take care..

  2. oh god...the way you wrote your blog was amazing for your writing skills....but i do not appreciate tell you the truth..i did not read thro' your blog fully...when you were talking about pain, tablet, 20hrs..i started skipping the lines and moving down fast...not becoz it was boring...but i felt as if i had the pain and was very afraid...and you should have seen how many expressions my face had...while i was reading thro' your blog...i bit my finger..closed my eyes...made shhhh noises etc etc...excellent writing..but too bad that you wrote in so much detail...terrorizing your readers...I sincerely pray for your speedy recovery..waiting to see your jumping, skipping, aerobics snaps on your blog soon...signing off wishing you a very very speedy recovery...

  3. Hi Shashi..I was operated for a deformity in my leg..n ya getting better. Karthik..I'm sorry I never wanted to make it threatening. Sorry abt tht. N Thank you guys..

  4. 70mm lol..
    Get well soon!!! Good Luck..

  5. @Kuttibalu and CU

    Thanks a loooooot



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