Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cosmetic Craze-2

I am here again after a while as a to-be ‘Makeup Addict’ !!!!!!!!

As a sequel of my previous blog here are the updates related to my cosmetic craze ;)

I have become a member of the IMBB – Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog where I have started blogging about beauty products that I have been using and letting people know my views on the product :) I am still in the initial phase of “Detailed Reading along with Craving” -trust me. Though initially my plan was to purchase products worth Rs.3000, I ended up spending Rs.1100. Not bad right ???? I have not even crossed half of what I had planned, so I told myself- “Good, You are still under control”

Today I am here to put up a shot note on a International Give Away Sale on IMBB !!!! All girls are so excited as this is an International Give Away of beauty products. I am so excited jumping [not literally as I have my baby sleeping inside me – another happy news to share with you guys. This needs a separate post, so will write one soon.] This sale is to celebrate that we have reached 500 blogs in just 9 months time and I think it is worth this big celebration !!!

All girls here, do visit the link below and try grabbing those awesome stuff listed there.

All guys here, do tell your wife, daughter, friends, girl friends and I am sure they’ll be excited too. Who would like to miss such a chance of getting awesome brands in their pockets without spending even a penny?

The link : The International Give Away on IMBB

I think I am making the competition more tough, adding more competitors, but still hoping for a small luck to favor me : ) Wish me good luck and do visit the blog.

You can also see my blogroll and click on ‘Makeup and Beauty’ to visit the blog whenever you would like to :)