Saturday, February 1, 2014

Reading, Writing and a Cup Of Coffee

I keep changing my routine as I can't do anything in the same pattern, same way for more than 6 months time. Well, 6 months is the maximum time I can hold on to. Though I am a full time mom and a part time blogger I follow a schedule/routine for myself and I like to work that way. So, often I change my routine to make my work more interesting. Here, by work I mean everything I do in a day - cooking, managing the kid, dropping her and picking up her from school, gardening, writing, reading, shopping, cleaning the house, re arranging things and so on. 

As a recent addition to my routine I have started reading again which I am resuming after full 3 years !! As the little one grew, she does keep herself occupied for some time and I take that time to go through a nice novel or it might be even flipping the pages of a magazine. Having a little of 'my' time does give a lot of happiness and satisfaction and that little break keeps me going for the rest of the day.

Neither hubby nor my daughter would be happy to see me having a dull or sad face. This 'Me' time helps me a lot in having a happy face all day. Very recently I found a comfortable place on my dining where I sit with my laptop and a cup of coffee every evening. The window by the side gives a great view of all greenery and faint sounds of birds chirping adds more fun to the 'Me' time. I approximately spend some 1 hr here, say from 3.30-4.30 PM, which is all I need before I gear up the energy to tackle the kid who would wake up anytime with full energy and craves for some great physical activity. I am glad this recent change in my routine [in the past I would just bury myself in the bed or will be slouching in a couch !] has helped me be more active and energetic, which makes my daughter and myself so happy.

Wondering what is my point here?

Well, just find some time for yourself and don't have the same routine for a very long time. Minor adjustments to your routine can change your life totally. Try working out or even just a walk in the evening would help, try gardening or at least buy few saplings and water them everyday. Just do anything that would interest you and do some little things just for 'yourself'. Just give it a try ! Have a 'Me' time.

For me Reading, Writing and a Cup of Coffee is my 'Me' time :D

♥ Aarthi ♥