Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sleepless Nights

The phrase “sleepless nights” often finds its space in a sentence, paragraph or even a book, where the intensity of these words will not be truly felt. We just read it and pass on to the next line. Me, suffering from this trouble now could understand how terrrrrrrrrrible it is.

I am a late riser and used to go to bed late. I usually hit the sack around 12, 1 or even 2 and wake up unwillingly around 8-9. I make sure I sleep for just 6-8 hours and not less/more than this boundary and I don’t like to sleep in the afternoons or evenings. In spite of me being so conscious, for the past two weeks sleep is not favoring me. The posture in which I sleep will be the same till next day morning and I always had a sound sleep, but now I realize I have been turning to both sides so often and when I get down from my bed I feel tired rather than being fresh and energetic.

It is true that certain issues have been troubling me and my mind is always occupied with those thoughts, but I never thought it would affect my sleep. I started blogging, working out and social networking to get out of depression and keep my mind free of stress, but all in vain.

Not having a sound sleep does not let me face the morning with a smile, I walk and brush and do things half asleep. It slows down my pace and I had to skip my breakfast before going to the gym. So couldn’t work out to the fullest of my satisfaction. I had to pass the whole day half asleep, half tired and nothing to the complete. So, by this time you should be “pichifying ur thala”…thinking “enna dan solla vara iva”. Nothing buddy-Next time you come across those lines remember that having a “sleepless night” is not an easy joke. So try to sleep properly and stay healthy.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Celebrity look-alikes!!!!!

Pretty interesting, but hold down your temper, I'm not responsible for anything......:-)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Guy

It was a sunny afternoon [why should anything romantic happen only on rainy days and that too in the evenings or nights?-I know it makes one feel more romantic, but I prefer to be truthful] - Me and my friend were watching a English movie in a really cozy and fully air conditioned theatre, just to escape the sun burning and tanning our skin outside. There were very few people in the hall, not coz the movie is boring but it was a matinee show on a working day. I was waiting for the break so that I could go and get my favorite choc-coffee gelato ice cream [I often forget the actual name of this ice cream].

I was in the ice cream queue whereas my friend was getting popcorn and some drink for her. The stalls were on either side of the passage so that we were standing with our backs facing each other. Accidentally, I saw that guy standing behind my friend. I couldn’t see his face, but he was well-dressed with a cool blue t-shirt and black jeans. Now and then I turned my head to see his face but in vain. Something was very attractive about him or it would have been just my curiosity-I didn’t know. I was pushing myself to get the ice cream asap, so that I can go to my friend, pretend to chat with her and thus to get a glance of his face.

Wow I did, He was toooooooooooooooooooooo handsome that I couldn’t take my eyes off [I doubted whether he’s a film star, but nope]. He was very casual and normal but very attractive. [Thank God his lips weren’t dark, coz that turns me off-I hate people who smoke and hence the dark lips] I was talking unusually loudly so that he will hear me and turn his head towards me. Everyone in the queue did…….. except him. My friend had a doubtful look on her face seeing my unusual behavior. She came and told me “Aarthi you were a bit loud, didn’t you realize that”. I said “Yes, I did, I did that on purpose. Didn’t you see the guy behind you?” She turned and looked at him.
She said “Wow….he looks awesome
Me: That’s the reason I was so loud, but he never turned his head. He was too much into his mobile. Must be sending messages to his girl friend. I giggled.
She: Yaaaaa….No girl will leave such a handsome guy to be single for this long. He must have a girl friend by now.

I regretted for saying that and was looking behind to see if any of his friends or girlfriends were with him. He was no longer in the queue. Pretty disappointed I was going inside the hall when my friend pinched me. OMG!!!!!! The guy was walking before us. We both giggled… We walked slowly to see where he is seated. Unfortunately, behind our row. Not lucky enough…., I started eating my favorite ice cream. I could neither enjoy the movie nor the ice cream. I was more worried that he didn’t turn his head towards me. I was dressed fairly well and wooooooooooooow what a coincidence…even I was in a black jeans and blue kurti. I was too excited to tell this to my friend but I know she’ll stab me if I interrupt her now.

After the movie we couldn’t find him and even I didn’t want to look for him anymore-it would be very silly. We planned to roam about in the mall for sometime. I wanted to buy few books and so I was looking for the books and my friend was getting some gift. Since it will take a long time for me, she said she’ll come back to me once she finishes billing the gift. I took the small cushioned stool and sat near the Indian authors section to find some books of my interest. Since there was no one in the books section I made myself comfortable covering the entire pathway when I heard someone say “Excuse me”. I got up pushing the stool aside and saying “Sorrrrrrr…Err..Sorry”. Yes, it was him again. My heart skipped a beat. He was so close and with a cute smile he said “Thank you”. His voice was so manly and blah blah blah. He walked past me and me back in the same position with the book in my hand and my mind roaming somewhere else. I should have talked to him, but what? It would have been very silly and God Am I flirting? No way!!!! I have never done that before and I never wish to do that.

This is not a movie, so started looking for the books again and again he came. This time Goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he came to me-“Hi, have you read Indian authors before” [OMG, OMG…what’s happening]. I stood up like a school kid in front of the teacher and I said “Ya, I have
He: I have started reading very recently and wish to give a try reading Indian authors, can you suggest me some books.
Me: I’m not a pro, but I can suggest you some good authors.
He: Oh, thanks.
After a few conversations, completely about books he said “Hey, thanks a lot and it’s nice to meet youI said “Me too”. He was very decent with a very good vocabulary. I wanted to ask him many things like where do you live, what do you do, etc but I couldn’t. I don’t like to initiate any such conversations, if he had at least asked my name then I would have. “Why is all this happening?” I asked myself. Not wishing to stay there anymore I walked to see my friend and saw him again. I turned back to see whether he is seeing me. No.
Again I did. No.
Again I did and Yes, He did and smiled. Opppppsssssssss, I turned quickly and started walking.
Giving a long gap, say 1 min I tuned back again, he was standing very near to me, staring at me with a fishy cute smile and holding few books in his hand. Gosh-he got me. I was really shocked, didn’t expect this, I was almost running when he came behind me “Hey, stop” There were people around, so didn’t want to make it a show there and hence I stopped and turned. He gave his hand out saying “I’m ………” I didn’t hear him. It was something starting with “A”. I was deaf, my heart beat has stopped, not knowing what’s going to happen next, I was blushing and sweating at the same time.
I said “I’m Aarthi”.
He: Nice name.
Me: Thanks
He: Hey Aarthi I have been watching you from the ice cream stall. [Oh God-so shameful, he would have thought I’m flirting] You are really cute.
Me: …………………………………………………………………………………
He: I think I like you.

Mum: “Aarthi it is 9.30 already, wake up”.

I was never disappointed like this before. For the first time I regretted for being an Aerian, coz they dream a lot and they are very passionate lovers-might be in the dreams too.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Fatter side of my story

When people tell me “Hey you have lost a lot of weight?”, “You really look better with this kind of figure”, “Wow, I couldn’t recognize you, you’ve become so thin” I’ll be flying. Today it makes me feel so nice, but the past and the experiences that made me a fitness freak is really hard to digest.

I still remember the guy’s name who first called me “Gundu”-Its funny but I do. I was in my 3rd class then and the guy named Alpha seemed to be the villain of our class. Everyone warned me about him. They advised me to give him my pencil/rubber and whatever he asks for or else he might break my pencil box or will steal my things. I never cared and hence he said “Po di gundu” Giggle...Though it sounds funny now, it did hurt me a lot. I was crying. That’s how it started.

Me and my younger sis used to go for something called the morning practice. It was sports training given by our PT masters in the morning. My sis used to be very thin then. There was a running track on the ground where me and sis had a running race. I was very sure that I won’t win the race but they purposely had it for them to have fun. It was really embarrassing for me in front of more than 30 school kids all big and small and 2 teachers. It happened as I had predicted. I controlled my tears, rushed back home and started crying in my bathroom.

I even remember when my uncle fooled his newly wed wife saying that my birthday was on Ganesh Chathurthi, where his intention obviously was to say that I look like an elephant. I cried the whole day - mum was consoling me and dad scolding me for not being sportive. Irrespective of age and gender people teased and bullied me. :-(

When I was in 8th I was really stout, weighing 68 kgs. Whenever I was called for sports they always compelled me to take part in shot put and nothing else. Once during the usual medical check up in my school I was asked to bring my mum to talk about my weight, the Doctor was really kind and sweet but still I felt very insulted in front of all my class mates. [Thank God!! Guys weren’t there] My parents have never told me to restrict myself on food or to exercise and even I didn’t realize the importance. Only when I saw my class group photo I realized how huge I was. I was really shocked. I was standing behind my class teacher and all looked like school kids except me and my teacher. That is when I started starving in the name of dieting. I maintained my weight to 65 kgs till my 12th, but still I have heard [even] some of my good friends mentioning me as “Gundu Aarthi”-coz we were 2 Aarthi’s in the same class. I always wondered why can’t they call us with our initials like M.Aarthi and P.Aarthi and not ‘Gundu’ Aarthi and ‘Olli’ Aarthi. Criticizing one's physical appearence is the worst thing one can do.

The irony is that the person who called me so, is suffering from obesity now and getting tips from me about how to cut down her kgs. My uncle who teased me, now weighs more than 100 kgs. Today when I told people in the gym that I used to be plump, they refused to believe me!!!!! :-)

After all this, now I feel happy about the way I look, if I had not faced all these comments I doubt whether I would have worked so hard to keep myself fit. So I always take this as an example and tell myself there is no good teacher than our own experiences. So let us learn from our experiences –good or bad and I strongly believe in the words of “Bhagavat Gita” which in simple says “Everything happens for a reason”.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

An Error

Desired profile:
Candidate has to be highly assertive, with excellent communication skills. He/She should be able to interact with customers effectively and should have a pleasing personality.

The above lines were the description given in a job search website for the position of an HR professional.

My Experiences:

Org 1- Nokia

The HR Executive welcomed me with a friendly smile. She asked me to wait in a room until the interviewer arrives. Since it was their lunch hour she asked whether I had my lunch and told me that I still have time to grab a bite in their canteen. After the interview she came back to me enquiring how the interview was and how did I perform. This was the first and last time I had seen such a friendly person.

Org 2 (Over the phone)

HR- Is this Aarthi? [No Ms or Mrs. not even my surname]
HR- I tried to reach you a lot of times but couldn’t.
Me- Oh really!! I have been waiting for your call so I returned all my missed calls and I am sure didn’t get any calls from you.
HR- [Not bothered about what I said] asked about my qualifications.
[After a series of conversations] Will call you soon.
Me- After 2 weeks time I called her.
HR- Why did you call me? I said I will.
Me- Ya, but it has been 2 weeks already and that’s why…….even before I finished.
HR- I’m out on a holiday call me back after this weekend.
And it was me who called her after that-always. It was an STD call and she made me wait for more than 5 mins while I could hear her chatting with her friend on some other line.

Org 3

This person was the best-I still doubt whether he knows how to smile. Some questions he had asked me

* What do you want?
* So what?
* Do you drive? [This was totally irrelevant to what we were discussing]
* Do you think you’ll do well in the next round? [In spite me doing absolutely well in the previous round]
* What have you been doing all these days?

Org 4

Monday-After introducing ourselves
Me- This person had asked me to meet you regarding this.
HR- Sorry who?
Me- I repeated.
HR-Just wait for a few minutes.

After 10 minutes
HR- We have certain things to be sorted out between us so you may go now and you have to come back when I call u.
Me- But that person told he had informed you already and all I have to do is just collect the form from you. [I had to travel for more than an hour and just did nothing]
HR- No, I’ll call you. You can come then.
Me- Ok, so when can I expect a call from you and do you have my contact number.
HR-Ya, I have all your details and I’ll call you before this Thursday.

I called him. I got the number by searching in google.
Me- Hi, This is Aarthi, we met this Monday.
HR- I told I’ll call you, Right. [Believe me it was so harsh]
Me- Ya, but you said you’ll call me before Thursday and today is Friday.
HR- Telling someone’s name-has gone out of station, will call you once he returns. You need not call me until then.

I thought HR executives are meant to be friendly, if not friendly at least not rude, but most of my experiences were very bad. I don’t know why they have to be like this, is that to show that it is not sure that I will be working with them or there is no need/gain for them to be friendly or it is to just create seriousness or they all have never been like that before?????? When I asked my friends regarding this, they said it was very common!!!!! and the best way to handle this is to just neglect their harsh words and reactions.

I feel the graduates who would be tensed already might get more tensed coz of such rendezvous. Eventually, more than the interview and the questions I started to fear the HR people. So, now-a-days I prepare myself to be as friendly as possible and to carry a smile always so that even the most lifeless face can lighten up seeing a smile.

Just compare my experiences[Actual Result] and the lines I had mentioned about HR Executives in the beginning[Expected Result]. I learnt that Error exists when expected result is not = to the actual result. ER is not equal to AR.

Friday, September 7, 2007

How well do you know me?

Create your own Friend Test here

This one is really interesting. I'm jus waiting for all my friends there to take up this test. The questions are very simple so just give a try-pls. Don't forget to leave your comments too.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The IT Park

The day before yesterday I had gone to one of those posh IT Parks in Chennai. I should say that everything was just mind-blowing---the roads, greenery, the buildings, the posh interiors and what not -even the people!!!!!!

I think after 2 yrs I got a chance to be there-I mean not the IT park but the area where it has been put up. I should admit it reminded me Sydney a couple of times –other than that the day was sunny. The roads were so clean and tidy. I was peeping outside my car to find something like bits of papers/dust accumulated in the corner of the roads, but found nothing. Not even a bump, I could comfortably write on a paper while traveling. OMG!!!!!-is this what all have been shouting out as the IT Revolution. Indeed it is a revolution. One should feel it to accept it. I cursed myself for not getting my cam:-(

Near the entrance, I had to undergo all those formalities to get a visitor pass and park the vehicle - all without any hiss. Everything was very well organized and it was a 'no-compromise' area. Rules are rules and I loved it….:-) Inside the building, I found myself in a whole new different world. It was centrally air conditioned. Most people in formal wear and with a professional look rushing around during the lunch hour. There was a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee space for a food court-that naturally grabbed my attention first. It had everything I loved-Gangothree, some CafĂ©, Sangeetha, Marry brown…yummy. I wish I had someone with me to share a meal.

It also flaunts of having a health club, swimming pool, a book shop, knick-knack store, medical centre, florist, optical shop, beauty parlor, help desk, travel desk, courier service, ATMs and Forex services. Wow Wow Wow….I should be dreaming. To top up all these different flavoured ice creams there were these nuts and cherries-the people. More than anything I felt the people were very friendly and helpful.

The 'aayahs' were in their uniforms; gray pants and shirts- it was an unusual sight for me in India. Their hair was excessively oiled and few with those orange coloured flowers[I don't remember the name] and other few with jasmine flowers in their hair, which were not even my finger length. More than the aayahs themselves I felt I was more worried about how they managed to keep that in their hair and let it not slip down. I was giggling already….Errrrr I was the only one giggling and I stopped before anyone gave me an odd look. Not just the place even the people were chic and classy….mmm…Chennai Rocks!!!!!!!!! [I wanted to write a separate blog about the 'aayahs' but thought it might be boring for others]

I was about to enter the corporate office and slipped myself. God…..Wished no one saw me….but unfortunately, the lady in reception was already controlling her laughter and was trying to turn it into a smile on her face. Kadavule!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Inda nelamaila English ellam varadhu].Thanks to those clear glass doors. HMMMMM. I managed myself a smile and went to the lady enquiring blah blah blah blah blah blah, as if nothing had happened.

I was in the waiting room for the person I had to meet, while I noticed another guy there waiting for someone. He was too much into the daily newspaper. He was dark with a very serious reactionless face and was neatly dressed. I could see his uneasiness when I sat beside him. Oopssss!!! I was sitting a bit too closer to him, that if he/me gets up we might stamp on each others leg. He gave a sign of relief after I moved myself away. It was funny-Aarthi this is not the place to giggle –mmm Be Serious. I was picturing how I would have slipped and what would have been the reaction on my face that made the lady laugh….Giggle-ne thirundhave maata. The dark guy gave an uncomfy jerk. Must have heard me giggling. Ayo Aarthi !!! Remembered what my cousin used to say to me-“Aadhivasi Adakivasi” –ok ok . I told myself-“Answer me now-what’s smoke testing?” Kilinjadhu.

Soon pulling me back from my thoughts [Thank God!!-he he he] the person the dark guy had to meet appeared. They were sitting on the other side of the room and I was all ears [what if I get the same questions]. The Dark guy goes “I’m aasdf, did my sghjk, in asdfghjkll….”, like an L.K.G child-“My name is Blah Blah, studying in L.K.G- B section in S.B.O.A Matriculation and Hr.Sec.School, Annanagar, Chennai” Yeppada…I’m far better, so won’t be a problem. He was still continuing “blah blah blah blah blah blah blah …..…My father is an auto-driver and my mother is a……” I didn’t hear the rest of the sentence. What!!!!!!!!!!! Cha cha I would have not heard properly. It should have been something like automotives and not an auto-driver for sure. Towards the end the person asked again-“What’s your father?” He said “My father is an auto-driver”. I couldn’t believe my ears. It was all mixed kind of thoughts into my mind. I can imagine how much this guy would have struggled to get there. I compared myself to him. I told everyone what I heard-Mum, Dad, Poori expecting someone to say something but all were blank like me!!!! I think this was much of a shock for me.