Thursday, October 25, 2007

We Grow up..Without Realising it

Today after a very long time my best friends Sheelu and Poornima came home. We were schoolmates and though we know each other since class 3, we became really intimate in class 9. We named our gang SPADSV [pronounced as spadsiv] just to get noticed and used to scribble the name wherever we can- in benches, in charts, walls and sometimes in our notebooks too.


[Highlighted names ->married. S,P n D sorry for declaring this.]

My house always used to be our meeting place and we used have a lot of fun. We were well known for our pranks in the school too. During the end of school days we decided to meet twice every month and no one would wish to miss that rendezvous, coz it used to be so much of fun. We would spend our time going out, talking [teasing and making fun] about our college life, the lecturers, new friends and of course guys.Just the normal things that happen within friends.

After our college days it was really hard for everyone to meet up, but we used to take oaths and one among that was to stay in touch wherever we are, coz people around us insisted that it is hard for girls to maintain the friendship, unlike guys. The obvious thought “When guys can, why can’t girls?” crossed us and the urge to prove them wrong was always in our mind.

Today 3/6 were out of station with just 3 of us left to meet up. We had the same kind of fun, laughing all the time and again this was another memorable day, but i felt a small difference. Both Poornima and Sheelu being married were discussing more about their family, their problems and how to handle it [though in a funny and light way I could understand it was bothering them]. It was really surprising to see my friends who were very dominating and house/group leaders in school to have totally changed. I never knew they could compromise so much, be so polite and adjustable. I felt the strangers in my friends for the first time and when I asked them they laughed at me saying “Hey, just grow up Aarthi or just enjoy being single and you’ll learn everything from your own experience”

I realized that people change-not coz they want to but they change even without realizing it themselves. They become more refined and responsible eventually!!!! We still talk about guys, tease people we know and make fun but this new thing being added in our conversation sounded a bit odd to me. May be I’ll understand only when I face a similar situation…but to be true I really miss and long for those lost innocent days.

P.S-After writing so many blogs they said it is a ‘sin’ if I don’t mention about them here, but have heaps of interesting stories in hold and this blog might not please them. Sorry chweet hearts…:)


  1. Not only girls, even guys find it difficult to maintain is not intentional...but it happens...i appreciate the efforts you take to be in touch...hope even i start doing this sometime soon....

  2. ya its gud t catch up wid old buddies.. 1 thing the word 'intimate' doesnt sound proper here.. :P
    use close friends..

  3. @shashi
    thnks, but if I change it now my blog loses its originality..i mean i'll feel so....good or bad it shd be completely mine..only then i get satisfied with my work :)

  4. nice reading...and a lovely post:)and yes,time is the only teacher which refines us at its own pace!hence,donot forget to enjoy this moment.

  5. @m.flower
    Hey thanks...n ya I'll enjoy every moment..thou its diff from the past..

  6. Hmmm aarthi, Nice description of your another happy day. From my point of view, it is not easy to be in touch with all of our friends, it doesn’t mean we forgot them or they did, as we running hard we even seldom find time for ourselves. I love to be in touch with all of my friends too, but I can’t at most of the time. In those cases, the networks like Orkut and Hi5 are very helpful to stay connected. Its good to see your willingness and dedication to spend time with your friends which is very nice of you.

  7. You know,to be honest your friends are missing something in life.Its simply that we get conditioned to the present and feel alien to ourself !!But when we break those shakles and be our normal self its fun,believe me its fun..Hope you dont change after changes occur in your social status..Good luck

  8. @Prem
    Thanks for dropping by..
    @compassion unlimited
    I wish the same too


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