Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Hangover !

No, this is not a movie review and I never intend to do one ! Now read further ..

Well, it is not about the movie Hangover but some one in the movie. Will get back to this point again.

Did you watch the movie Colombiana? If Yes do you remember Cataleya Restrepo? Ya that is the name of the lead role done by this amazing actress Zoe Saldana. I was so impressed with her character and the way it was planned and developed that if I had another daughter I would have named her 'Cataleya'. Hope my hubby is not reading this but he wouldn't be surprised as I would have watched this movie a 100 times so far ! Well coming to the naming part - not that I want my daughter to be a killer ;) but as bold and clever as Cataleya ! I totally admire her acting and loved her until yesterday..

Now I am going back, quoting the lines above..

Well, it is not about the movie but some one in the movie...

Yes it is about Bradley Cooper ! Man he is sooooooooo hawwwwwwwwwwwt.. Oops can I say that? Absolutely ! I knew there was Bradly Cooper and I knew this guy in 'The Hangover' is hawwwt but never knew they were the same. Dumb Me :( I remember working with someone at Mc Donalds, Australia who is a look-alike of Bradley Cooper, Gosh ! What was I doing then .. Sigh ! After a long time I am going crazy about some Hollywood star and I did google a bit to find about his movies...

Now comes the link between both the paragraphs above..

Wikipedia says he is in a on and off relationship with Zoe Saldana... Ya Ya the Cataleya ! Sob Sob.. Am I reacting like a teenager.. Well I don't mind coz I am one ;) So I decided.. No more kids and no naming as Cataleya.. Decided !

Durai Raj [hubby] is my all time hero ! Neya [daughter] sounds better than Cataleya !

I am out of the The Hangover now ! You have to trust me :p