Wednesday, April 1, 2015

'Pouring Emotions' Day ! Beware !!

I was supposed to write about my trip to Singapore like 6 months ago and I remembered all about it only when I landed here to write about something else ! I am glad I am here at least once a year but feel terribly bad for my long lost passion ?!!! So now what should I write about - What I feel exactly at the moment? or What I actually wanted to register here ??? I make life sound so confusing, Isn't it? Well, why can't I talk about both, they are kind of inter related ! Might be I will make it more brief this time. Let's see at the end of this post... ;)

What I actually wanted to register here?

When you go through a good book or a novel and if you have that love for writing still left in you, you will definitely end up writing something. Be it like a blog post or just in your diary or wherever you used to do it. So I was going through one such book by Chetan Bhagat, a book that I touched after months and finished it in just 2 days and thus I am here craving to write something that I will/might enjoy reading later! 

Should I call myself lazy or too busy to make myself do what I love. [Daughter cries in the middle of her A.N nap and lays her head on my lap limiting the usage of my left hand !] I wanted that external push in some means to revive my love for writing. I still remember or I am reminding myself that I wanted write a book [at least one] in this life time !!! Well, it is not an easy joke !! When I have so many excuses to write a post here, I might as well have truck load reasons to not write a book. When the passion is still there, the idea is still there and the gut still says it, I think I will do it someday :) 

For now, Thank You Chetan Bhagat for the push :)

What I feel exactly at the moment?

Disgusted. Angry. Irritated.

Choose the apt word once you finish reading this post. 

I hate coming up with excuses, be it whatever. When I don't find time for my passion then I think I have no rights to call it my 'passion' anymore. Probably it should be renamed as 'hobby' but when I give it any other name like that, it hurts !!!  

How I miss this space.. I would have told that a million times here already and I would never stop saying that. The truth is I come here only on those rare days when I am done with all the work I have !!!!!! Why do I do it? Why isn't this -> my passion -> writing is as important to me as my other duties or other things I do on a daily basis? I have no answer but I feel bad for not being able to write - it might be just anything, a little joke I read, something that is happening in the neighbourhood, a little about my daughter, makeup, shopping, girlstalk, just anything... but I just don't come here anymore !!! 

So I feel ..........

♥ Aarthi ♥