Monday, October 22, 2007

It's not shit to spit

I was returning from hospital after changing the dressing in my leg. Doctor said he would take the pin during my next visit “without any anesthesia” and added “Don’t worry it won’t pain”. I laughed thinking, then why did you mention about anesthesia? I was already scared about the pain and was discussing with mum what would be my reaction while he is taking the pin-kick the Doctor unable to bear the pain or shout like a mad beast and threaten everyone and other freaking possibilities.

The car stopped in Thirumangalam signal and I was looking at the platform where there were 6-7 kids following a lady in proper height order starting from the tallest to the shortest. I thought she must be their mum... but for all 6-7 or just few of them? Questioned myself in my mind.

The lady was having her mouth filled with beetel leaves that she was not even able to talk properly with her children. They were about to cross the signal but she was least bothered about the kids following her. She was pushing something in that already spaceless mouth and the red fluid started flowing out. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaak and she did that; She spat disgustingly… that too in the EB box nearby!!!! OMG-Why should she do this????- dump herself with so many leaves knowing that her mouth can’t hold that much and then spit it out? Why can’t she swallow it, its her own saliva…Gosh.. Even before she wiped her mouth the tallest kid behind her spat [though he didn’t have any beetel leaves], this time exactly on the middle of the EB box, happily smiled that his aim was good. Then the one behind him followed it and everyone one after one went
I pitied the EB box that was used innovatively as a dustbin for a short period of time.

When I turned back to tell mum what I saw, she was already watching all that and smiled at me looking the reaction on my face.
I asked, “Why are you smiling at me?”
She said, “Your face looks more bewildered than sickening and that’s funny
I-“Why do they have to spit that mummy, can’t they just swallow, is it so disgusting for those people to swallow their saliva?”
She just smiled and reminded me Vivek’s comedy in a movie where he asks people “Does any one spit on the roads in America or Australia. This habit is in no other country, why do people have to do that in India , etc?

Though I have seen that comedy before I just laughed at it but now watching it happen live somewhere that too a series of spitting on the road, Gosh it was really awful. Again I asked mum “Mummy why do they have to spit, it isn’t shit to spit, it’s just their saliva

Her face turned red (actually pink) and she said, “First stop swearing and that is more disgusting than what you just saw now

When did I swear-Is shit a bad word?”

Aarthi just stop it and shut up” and I turned my face away angrily.

My doubt yet uncleared there was another doubt that rose in my mind and now in total two doubts:
1. Why can’t people swallow it?
2. Is “shit” a bad word?


  1. Fundas!!
    1)according to shastras you are to swallow only the first juice which comes out of munching betal leaves with its accesories namely nut and are to be spat(!) out.Only that we are supposed to sit at home enjoy it and then..THOO THOO it in the wash room.Since this is no more followed,it is best that this shastra is taught in all schools so that when children grow up they follow this ritual.
    2)Any word which reminds us of disgusting things is best avoided while speaking.So out goes the shit, I mean the word.
    Aarthi,it was very diffucult for me to write these things with an absolute and very straight face.still I did it!!
    Just relax man looks you are charged up.relax!
    good luck with your Doc

  2. That is of course a l'il bad word...

    They are not able to swallow it...or it takes some effort to swallow so much stuff...try tht with some food it is easier to spit it other countries..they pbbly dont have betal leaves...or they are not from a cultural background..tht makes them stuff their mouth with food....every country has its own pluses and minuses...india ku idhu dan azhagu :)

  3. @ compassion unlimited
    Hey thanks for this pick from shastras and lettting me know about it!! and I have been telling people I don't swear and now I realize I have been doin so coz I say that word---mm i'm not goin to say tht again coz i dont swear :)
    @ gk
    I'm not just talking about people who use beetel leaves, chummave thupuravangala nee pathadhe iliya...Gosh idu va azhagu, you should have seen that...

  4. hmm.. ya its disgusting to spit on the roads.. spit in the dustbin.. if at all people wana spit..

  5. btw wht happend to ur leg?? u never told me. remember... im a doc :)

  6. @ shashi
    I told you, I was operated for a deformity in my leg. The deformity is called Hallux Vagus. Think it is in my surgery blog's comments, check it out.

  7. shit is a bad word?
    how OLD are you??

  8. @Vinesh
    I'm could have seen it in my profile.

  9. Hilarious! Especially, the 'thoo thoo' and 'using the EB box innovatively' part :) reminds me of an old 'mayilsaami'(popular mimicry artist in Vivek's troupe) joke in which he mimics like a radio advertiser on 'vividh bharathi' -- "ungal veetu sevurugalai alangarikka kaari thuppungal...meylum meylum alangarikka beeda pottu thuppungal" :-D

    Nice blog..hopped in here from Vinesh's blog..

  10. @guru
    Hey thanks for dropping by..:)

  11. It's not a swear! It's probably the generation gap, that MAKES it a swear!! /:


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