Monday, November 8, 2010

Few Updates

Hi All,

I have enjoyed each and every minute here in my blog space along with your encouragement and support. I like to thank all of you here who have enjoyed this space as much as I did and also for your awesome response and valid suggestions. Thank you :)

I wanted to update few things here and they are

1.Wish you and your family and very happy and prosperous Diwali :) Wish this Diwali brings you all luck and all that you have wished for :)

2.As most of you know I am expecting my first kid any time soon. This 10th is my due date and God only knows when I'll get the labour pain. So after my delivery I am not sure when I can be back here. So till then I request you all to hold back and wait for sometime. Thank you.

3.As blogrolling has ceased their operation I have removed the widget from my blog. Though I remember most of your blog links I might miss few of your links. So kindly apologize and please mail me your blog links to

Till we catch up again, Love you all and Take Care :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Cute Lil Feel

Towards the end of my pregnancy !!!!!! Really excited to share all those wonderful moments [last few months].

When it started it was very simple and normal. As it was just 3 months after my marriage, it was too quick when I came to know that I am carrying. Got an appointment with my doctor and nothing struck me until I was lying down for my first scan. When I was peeping at the screen all I expected to see is an oval egg shaped image. [I thought it is too early to expect any human shaped figure] To my surprise what I saw was really really a tiny figure with a big head and not so proportionate body. I couldn't believe my eyes !!!!! I didnt expect this at all... and I had gone all alone for the scan. I couldn't control my tears and I think the Doc guessed it and asked "Is this your first child?" I said "Yes" showing all my teeth.

As soon as the scanning was over, I rushed to the loo and cried for few mins. My happiness knew no bounds :) The moment I felt I have a baby inside me.... Gosh.... I tell you the best feeling anyone could ever get. [I really pity all guys for not having this option of having a kid ;)] Holding my tummy and embracing it I could not stop my tears for a while. I was glad that neither mum nor my hubby was around, else I would have just bursted out and embarrassed them.

From then on I kept noting down everything new that happened to me or the kid. On our 6th month anniversary [if nothing exists of that sort then assume we created it for ourselves ;)] was the day I felt my baby moving inside me for the first time. I really wished my hubby could feel the same and yes he did the very next moment. Then it slowly grew by playing with the kid, talking, tickling and all fun followed :)

Having just 4 weeks to go !!!!!! I really couldn't believe that I have crossed 36 weeks already. Everything seems to be happening so quick and sturdy as if I am rushing for something :) Now baby doesn't have much space to play around in my tummy that it keeps pushing me on either side as if it is waiting to pop out any time.

It is really God's gift that we women get this opportunity to carry a life within us !!!!! I feel blessed. :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Knock Knock..

I think everything has happened very quickly, as if I was rushing to finish it all. When I turn back and see my spinster days.. Gosh I miss you very badly and I know I can never get back to you :(

This does not necessarily mean that I am not happy with this married life, but it is different and new and the feeling for my spinster days is kind of nostalgic. Having a lovely husband and carrying a tiny little kid – all happened in 9 months :) I am expecting my kid by this November. I feel really fortunate and blessed and all my prayers these days are for the little angel I am carrying inside me. Once again it makes me feel proud that God made me a women who gets such an awesome feeling of motherhood :)

I was really into a new world and it took very long to get back to all of you here. I am really sorry about that and I am making it a point to continue with my passion here after. Don’t know how far I will be successful but all your support will draw me back here for sure :)

I am really happy to be here and the mere thought that I am going to do what I love makes me excited and gives me a boost. I really don’t know how to express what I feel. I missed all you guys here Preeti, CU, Jaggu, Shashi, Aashi, CM-Chap. Sorry if I have missed anyone here, each one of my visitors are special to me.

Also planning to open a new blog for my recent passion for cosmetics and make up. If you get a chance do visit me there as well. Love you all :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cosmetic Craze-2

I am here again after a while as a to-be ‘Makeup Addict’ !!!!!!!!

As a sequel of my previous blog here are the updates related to my cosmetic craze ;)

I have become a member of the IMBB – Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog where I have started blogging about beauty products that I have been using and letting people know my views on the product :) I am still in the initial phase of “Detailed Reading along with Craving” -trust me. Though initially my plan was to purchase products worth Rs.3000, I ended up spending Rs.1100. Not bad right ???? I have not even crossed half of what I had planned, so I told myself- “Good, You are still under control”

Today I am here to put up a shot note on a International Give Away Sale on IMBB !!!! All girls are so excited as this is an International Give Away of beauty products. I am so excited jumping [not literally as I have my baby sleeping inside me – another happy news to share with you guys. This needs a separate post, so will write one soon.] This sale is to celebrate that we have reached 500 blogs in just 9 months time and I think it is worth this big celebration !!!

All girls here, do visit the link below and try grabbing those awesome stuff listed there.

All guys here, do tell your wife, daughter, friends, girl friends and I am sure they’ll be excited too. Who would like to miss such a chance of getting awesome brands in their pockets without spending even a penny?

The link : The International Give Away on IMBB

I think I am making the competition more tough, adding more competitors, but still hoping for a small luck to favor me : ) Wish me good luck and do visit the blog.

You can also see my blogroll and click on ‘Makeup and Beauty’ to visit the blog whenever you would like to :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cosmetic Craze

Having no work I was just ‘googling’, I actually don’t remember what I was looking for.. [These days I even forget my husband’s face!!! lol ;) Sorry Raj. I pity myself for my bad memory] Anyways I was just rambling and I ended up reading two ‘beauty and cosmetics’ blog, one stumbled upon by myself and on discussing about it with my friend she suggested the other one, helping me to kill more time.

Initially [or just 2 days back] I was shocked and confused thinking...
1.How can anyone buy / afford to buy so many cosmetics?
I’ll say they would have at least 20-25 lip gloss, 10 foundations, 30 moisturizers, 50 brushes, 30 eye and lip liners, 10 shampoos and conditioners and list goes on and on and on.
2.How can anyone try so many products and yet not spoil their skin and hair?
3.They have been doing this for years and still have not lost interest!!!!
4.How their husbands don’t complain about their cosmetic craze!!!!!

The above few are just samples [I really cant list all of those silly questions here]

It started with a shock in my face and I ended up as an addict :( I’ll blame my superiors for not assigning me work and hence this still continues though I dont want to…

My Stages of Development:

2 days back -> Yesterday -> Today :(
Just Looking ->Brief Reading ->Detailed Reading along with craving :(

Now I ended up listing a few things. Yesterday there were just 4 products in my list [costing approximately Rs.2500] and today it is 6 [might be Rs.3000]. This is not in my budget for the month but given another few days I might buy at least 2 of them. [My mind voice: Guys please distract me or just give me some work]. Then I thought of my blogs and here I am.

Hi all !!!!!! Have fun :)

P.S : Im a girl wearing just a lip gloss and kajal everyday and even during any occassion.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Face the(of) Horror

I still remember the times I’d mention to my friends saying,

Oh please don’t take your mustache, it might not be in trend but it is very unpleasant to see a guy without it. Actually I’d say mustache reflects a guy's manliness.”

This would have happened approximately 3-4 years back and till then I was pretty sure that I’d get married to a guy only if he had a mustache [I cant believe I said that !!!!!] Aarthi you were soo.. sooo.. I dono.. absurd.. nope it is not the perfect word. I still remember guys teasing me

Your husband will have a muruku meesa [big curled mustache] for sure.”

Fortunately after 3 years I found this guy completely shaved [not his head though] and I still liked him.

This guy has gone completely insane in the past few weeks. He is growing his mustache vigorously. Vigor is not in the growth [poor hubby] but only in his intention. He accepts it is not very comfortable to have it and he has no reason for growing it, might be my objection drives him the most ;)

It has already been a month and all his friends and colleagues are teasing, pleading, shouting at him to change this new avatar as he looks like an uncle and not a 'just-married' guy. In between there are also sympathizing mails, chat and conversations and supportive words to encourage me to face this terror everyday without taking any shock.

The pathetic thing is sometimes I don’t even recognize him when I see him at a distance or when he crosses me and I get to have a glance for a second.

I just say to myself “Oh someone new is around” .
I was glad to know that this is definitely not an abnormality within me but even couple of his friends have shared the same experience with me.

I’ve been trying my level best to post his pic here with the new mustache but all in vain.

So guys pray for this co-blogger to have a strong and healthy heart for a considerable period of time.

Soon you can see the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pics of him and you all will get a chance to vote your choice. So be prepared to cast your vote and remember guys I’m your co-blogger. It should keep ringing in your ears while you vote. ;)

Coming Soon….

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Alive

To continue with where I stopped, my birthday went really well, would say this was one of my best birthdays ever!!!!

The last time I blogged [April 14th] think was the last time I was really upset, after which everything till now is smooth and fine. Love u blogosphere.. :) and pity you people who read all my emotional crap and still ask me to blog more. I appreciate your guts ;) and love you all a lot.

Though I am not very comfortable to sit next to my boss and blog, I thought I should at least start now and finish it whenever I get some time at home. Thanks to all the servers that are down and developers who are still on their way to work till which I can spend some time in this utopia. Trust me I am really happy to be here after a long while.

This period of time- April to Jan had taught me a lot, I really mean a looooooooot. Every one of us would have heard a million times about it but only when we experience it we get the true essence and we realize it completely.

I am talking about marriage, life partner, the new life, etc. I had to face this terrifying ‘M’ factor on December 6th of last year and I really did face it with a big smile. I had to admit that it is one of the main reasons for me to stay away from this world, my space – utopia. Almost back on routine – it is still ‘almost’ coz I haven’t started blogging with my old hyper ethusiastic mood or whatever you call it yet :( things are very new, fresh, sometimes weird, thrilling, adventurous and challenging too.

1.No more lazy nap at mum’s place.
4.Late night outings [Honestly I saw the outside world after 10 p.m only after my marriage]
5.Plastic smiles at everyone I see.

Things that have not changed

1.More number of elders to advice us [OMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! Yes I know I should be responsible. Yes I know I should be patient enough. But I’ve heard this a million times already so…excuse me I don’t need one Plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss]

2.Still working in the same place with no change in spite of the tip they give me for my work. [Btw I just get a tip and no salary- anyone who knows my condition would agree to it ;( ]

3.My longing for blogging. Yes it never dies.

So all people out there have a great year ahead. Let me wish you all for.. ummm...
Ya.. starting from this year 2010
1.Happy New Year
2.Happy Birthday
3.Happy Sankranthi
4.Happy Anniversary
5.Happy break ups
6.Happy reunions

Did I miss something????

Happy Blogging :)