Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tamil Movie Villains !!!

It has been more than a year since I came here and registered [shared] anything. My kid is 1 year already and no wonder time just flew away !! When I read all the previous posts everything seems like a dream. Well let me come straight to the point and share what I feel about the recent villains in Tamil Cinema.

Yesterday I got free tickets for the movie 'Vettai' starring Madhavan, Arya, Amla Paul and Sameera. The casting was so interesting that I didn't want to miss the chance. The movie was 'okay' types and I did enjoy the comedy here and there. There was something that was annoying me ever since the movie started and that was the non-tamil speaking villain with a very bad lip sync. Gosh it was intolerable. Not just in this movie but it started long back [remember movie Dhill?] and the worst part is all villains have the same person doing the dubbing !! 

Since they don't know the language, their body language seems so kiddish. For eg - If the villain says 'Jump down from the tall tower' , he literally raises his hand up [with so much extra effort] and swings it down to enact the above lines. This is so kiddish and makes us feel like we are watching some school kids drama.

Also the villains have very few dialogues and more threatening noises [which is annoying again] like.. Eeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.... etc Glad my daughter didn't accompany us, else she would have started imitating all these sounds !! 

There are so many good Tamil speaking villains whom the directors can opt for or at least they can train them properly for the lip sync so that it does not become very irritating by the end of the movie. I so wanted the villain to die [poor guy] so that I need not get annoyed often. Also the villains need not perform a mini dance raising their hands and legs up in the place of simple acting. 

I feel I would have enjoyed the movie much better if there was a Tamil speaking villain in the Tamil movie Vettai.