Monday, March 31, 2008

Catty..Cutie Cat

I don’t remember his name, but I still remember exactly how he looked. I’m not even sure whether it is a him/her. Yaa…I should have been less than 5 years old and he should have been younger than me. I really didn’t bother about his sex and I prefer to refer to him as “him” and not “her”. I remember how I tortured him but inspite of that how he loved me. But he was my 1st and my last PET …ya he’s my catty cat-that’s how I mention him.

He was usually found roaming on the roads and on a special rainy day he was cuddling under a small shrub in my garden. I was making paper boats and was enjoying the scene….shouting loud in enthusiasm while it floats for a longer distance than my sister’s boat and shouting loud in disappointment when it sinks...:( Let me first tell why I mentioned it as a “special” day…....ya for the obvious reason that was the day he became my friend. Though I have seen him before, I was more happy when he came to me..:)

I saw him shivering and somehow wanted to help him. I asked mummy for a ‘small’ blanket, she was confused, then I said it was for the catty there. She came out with a torch to see him and he was frightened on the flash of the blinding torch light. He tried to run away, I was shouting at mum “Mummy please don’t scare him away” Then she switched it off and we tried to find him out in the dark rainy night. We couldn’t find him and I had to go to bed with a big sad face and no wonder my dreams were all about him.

Next day morning saw him again and this time I didn’t want to scare him so I waited with a bowl of milk and a bread slice and made that “chu chu” and “meow meow” sound to attract him. There he came…my brave boy…to get his food after a lot of hesitation and a long wait with a hungry tummy. He was not very fluffy like the other posh home grown cats, but I liked him for whatever he was…The torture I mentioned above was-- I used to wake him up by pulling his ears and I never used to carry him…might be I thought I’m too small to carry anything/anyone and I always used to call him, if he doesn’t come then I used to drag him with his tail. Poor cattie cat he won’t even scream…and has not even scratched me with his nails for all I did. He was such a nice friend but I had to lose him due to nature’s call-I don’t want to elaborate on this one.

I asked myself why I thought about him after a very long time and why I felt like writing about him ???

Reason 1-I read about cats in
Curious's blog and I wanted to write about my one too. Thanks to Curiously Curious…:)

Reason 2-Since I didn’t do the same for a while, he came in my dreams and reminded me and hence this catty cat story is here for you and me.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jana Gana....

Two weeks back we went to Sathyam Cinemas on a Saturday as per my routine to watch a movie. I’m a person who will get the true essence of watching a movie or who will be able to enjoy the movie to the fullest only if I watch it from the trailers/ads. We were rushing since mum delayed… as she had to collect clothes from dry clean. I was yelling at her saying even if I miss one scene…might be even the productions name in the screen then she would have to take me to the same movie again. As usual she paid no attention to what I was talking!!!!!

Hell with this traffic…each n every time we near a signal I used to pray to God that it shouldn’t turn red and make us the unlucky ones. God gave us green signals..all the around 5-6 traffic signals…I couldn’t believe it….overwhelming with joy but still not able to enjoy it completely we reached the theatre….Now, we can’t wait for the lifts and mum is slow in steps…which is the quickest option…I started thinking. Well I can’t urge the lift but my mum,yesss. I was literally chasing mum to be quick…she mumbled “People pushing in Thirupathi are better than you” hehe….I giggled.

With all those running, climbing, yelling and gasps we reached and I would have bumped into that ticket collector. Poor guy he gave a confused look and even before I asked he told us –“Movie has not yet started. 5 more minutes, don’t worry” aaahhhh Thank God. Mum’s face had an terrible expression which conveyed “You should have let me take the lifts… idiot/stupid/whatever” I tried to give an innocent smile …:)

We got to our seats and now it’s her turn to yell at me. “What do you think you are doing to me. Is this an age to run? From next week I’m not coming with you to watch movies……..” and it was going on. Do you think I would have been upset…hehe no way…it happens every time we go for a movie and shopping. Her standard dialogue would be “I’m going to tell dad, I can never manage you, ever. From next time I’ll ask him to take you

Suddenly everyone stood up….didn’t understand what was happening…people were not even hurrying so nothing is wrong…but what else....whole theatre was silent….and so mum stopped. Everyone were staring at the screen where S.P.B started singing Jana.......... Gana................... OMG…..I got goose bumps….A.R.Rehman’s music in DTS and S.P.B’s voice and the whole crowd singing together….each and every word uttered with laid emphasis and complete feel….I don’t know what to say but EVERY INDIAN SHOULD EXPERIENCE IT.

I remembered my school days where we get to sing our national anthem everyday, but now we hardly do it and this idea is really awesome. I loved it. Wish they would implement it in all theatres. I was sure mum won’t shout at me for rushing, after this and I won’t rush to see the ads or trailers but to get this feel again and again that refreshed my mind, body and soul.

So guys n gals, auntys n uncles, thathas n paatis...everyone in Chennai go to Sathyam Cinemas not only to watch a movie but to experience gives a feel better than the one you get after a bungee jumping. Well, I don't mean it's scary but the feel you would never forget or you would never wish to forget.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Celebrating Women's Day !!!!

Getting up early in the morning ready to face a fresh new day ahead and with all the energy and enthusiasm we go walking when he comes and gives a small dash over the shoulder… “Ouch” we say and turn back expecting him to apologize but surprisingly he gives a disappointing cum happy look-huh…confused???? Disappointed since he didn’t dash where he wanted to and at the same time happy to have touched a women’s body!!!!!! Great what an achievement thinks himself…..Shit should we face this even on a women’s day thinks the female.

Appearances are deceptive-100% true; people who look pucca decent can even do that. I have heard about harassment but this one was pretty surprising. Small dirty talks, trying to touch hands while passing money, unnecessary conversations like why was Mallika wearing such an exposing dress and how did she look in that and which exposed part looks the best…..Shit man …Why do you want to talk about that to me….Why do I care about what she’s wearing….Well if you flirt you need not exhibit that you are a flirt….coz I know you are one…hmm and what kind of a pleasure do you get when you rub your hands in mine when you pass on something…haven’t you ever touched your mum’s or sis’s hands…it feels the same…try it out to them if u want to know how it feels.

Dressed very well and when told to people around no one would even agree that you are a flirt coz you are very old…..why are you so desperate…don’t you have your wife…well if she’s out of station or you don’t have one then I’m extremely sorry I’m not the one to replace your cravings to…you have other people around for that. Won’t you understand until you get a slap…really didn’t want to create a scene that is the only reason for holding back. See normal flirting is different and harassment is different and I know the difference very well coz of the obvious reason that I’m a girl.

Why can’t you have a true “FRIENDSHIP” like other decent guys out there????? OMG Prem, Logesh, Sandesh, Rejish, Balaji, Ashwath, Hema, Niks, Satish and to all such friends…..hats off to you!!!!!!! You are rocking guys!!!!!!!!!!

Can’t understand? This is what a gang of girls were talking sometime in last week. I wanted to write it as a blog to let people know that girls are still being tortured or harassed however they defend themselves, especially in workplaces. I used to think that this is not possible in this century but believe girls and guys…it is happening till this date. These are very few which I was able to mention here ….there are worse things happening…which has been censored!!!!!!

I have a doubt ….Are you guys facing similar kinda problems too???????? Or is it just we are the lucky ones ????