Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sleepless Nights

The phrase “sleepless nights” often finds its space in a sentence, paragraph or even a book, where the intensity of these words will not be truly felt. We just read it and pass on to the next line. Me, suffering from this trouble now could understand how terrrrrrrrrrible it is.

I am a late riser and used to go to bed late. I usually hit the sack around 12, 1 or even 2 and wake up unwillingly around 8-9. I make sure I sleep for just 6-8 hours and not less/more than this boundary and I don’t like to sleep in the afternoons or evenings. In spite of me being so conscious, for the past two weeks sleep is not favoring me. The posture in which I sleep will be the same till next day morning and I always had a sound sleep, but now I realize I have been turning to both sides so often and when I get down from my bed I feel tired rather than being fresh and energetic.

It is true that certain issues have been troubling me and my mind is always occupied with those thoughts, but I never thought it would affect my sleep. I started blogging, working out and social networking to get out of depression and keep my mind free of stress, but all in vain.

Not having a sound sleep does not let me face the morning with a smile, I walk and brush and do things half asleep. It slows down my pace and I had to skip my breakfast before going to the gym. So couldn’t work out to the fullest of my satisfaction. I had to pass the whole day half asleep, half tired and nothing to the complete. So, by this time you should be “pichifying ur thala”…thinking “enna dan solla vara iva”. Nothing buddy-Next time you come across those lines remember that having a “sleepless night” is not an easy joke. So try to sleep properly and stay healthy.


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