Friday, July 27, 2007

My First Blog-Can I name it a Blog?

I think I have not even completely understood the concept of blogs, but just wanted to give it a try coz I like writing. I'm not a literature student but still have a passion for writing. Today was a lazy day, I was waiting for my Physical trainer in the morning. She said she won't be coming and instead asked me to visit her new Gym once at 11 a.m. I thought I would go, so that I get a chance to meet my school friend who comes to the gym. When the time was 10.45 a.m I was too much into the novel I was reading, I really wanted to finish it today, even before going to the gym. By the time I finished it was already 11 a.m and so just started browsing. Long back I heard about blogs and today got a chance to try it out. Though this blog sounds really mundane, I wish I could make it better and interesting in the coming days. This is just a flow of my thoughts and can I name this a Blog?