Monday, October 8, 2007

Exclamations and Questions

Go to heaven and send down your brothers to us”-I couldn’t guess anything from this title when I came across this article in Femina. The above words were told to just born female babies before they were killed!!!!! I really couldn’t believe that such things still prevail in India. Though it is not in the cities, people in some rural areas still don’t prefer girl babies and the worst part is they kill them. Gosh…How can anyone do that????? I still don’t understand.

Later in CNN, I saw that heart breaking news, that there were around 20 female fetuses thrown in a well near a hospital in a town called Patran [somewhere near Punjab] and this has been happening since a year. The doctors have been helping the parents who didn’t wish to have a girl child, so they declare the sex of the child [which is illegal in India-haa who cares!!] and helped even to kill them. This was disclosed by a nurse, not coz she had a heart but b’coz she was not paid properly!!!!!!!!!

It is really shameful for us to be among such heartless creatures and we couldn’t do anything about it. I usually don’t dare to see the killings and murders in news, but this time I wanted to see and I was in tears. It was too painful to bear!!!! The skulls were not even the size of our palm and were found broken near the well. It would have been very easy for them to kill those innocent lives but how such …………….[you can fill any bad word in this blank acc to the level of your temper] can be allowed to lead a normal life after the killing. Even animals don’t kill their own babies. I think only in India people worship God in Women form too….but what an irony!!!!!!

Is India a developing country?????????? Does the word “developing” just mean the economy? And is it right to be named so?


  1. This is so rude..When I first read the blocked sentence of your post, never did I think it would have a dis heartening story behind it.. I jus' wish people grow up.. Jus'wonder how could the girl baby's mum think of killing their own babies:(

  2. terrible.But it will all change for good..we are in a state of flux..India will come over it..After all ours is a country which has always worshipped ladies in various forms for thousands of years


  3. @Shalini and CU

    It took a while for me to come out of this shock...


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