Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It is bad day in April

Usually in the month of April I become a kid…. getting excited about my birthday and the gifts I’d get. I know I shouldn’t be excited about gifts at this age, but the kid in me peeps out and makes my eyes wide open to look into what dad, mum and friends have got to surprise me on the special day. Well the day is special not coz I was born, but that’s one day when I get almost all I want :), people don’t mess up with me and wherever I go I’ll be met with a smile and handshake. Wow…. The whole month I’ll be hyper and excited – before my birthday awaiting the surprises and after the day cherishing those wonderful moments and gifts ;) This time already people started gifting me and I just loooooooooooooove all my gifts.

Today, it is 14th of April but I’m completely off and down. Reason-misunderstanding with my friend… I tried my level best to console and patch up with her, but of no use. She’s a person very close to my heart and life, but unfortunately she ended up the conversation saying, “Just leave me and stay away” These words keeps ringing in my ears since morning. It is really weird that when some thing bothers us and we are upset we don’t recollect all good things that happened in the past rather all bitter thoughts rush into our mind and make one feel more miserable.

Usually I don’t express much of my feelings these days, but today I couldn’t do that. I was telling or rather bugging all my other friends who ever called me today. I was a non- stop nonsense going “blah blah blah blah blah” trying to explain what happened and to make them say “Ok Aarthi it is not your mistake”. I didn’t feel like having or even do anything to distract myself. That is when blogging clicked me !!!!!!!!

Oh My Gosh… It’s been 2 months since I blogged. Why did I become so lazy? Fine this is the best time to let out everything and that is the story behind why I’m here after a period of two months.

Well to say what is happening at my end all this while…

1.Lay off is happening at work and each and every round I escape I feel myself lucky. I really can’t imagine sitting at home without work :(

2.Gazal, a friend of mine resigned her job as she’s getting married in May. I made sure I don’t cry during the farewell and embarrass myself in front of all my colleagues and boss. The end result was Yeayyy I didn’t... :)

3.Funny thing is Priya, who people (including me) thought won’t cry… was a cry baby on that day… hahaha.. she’s gonna kill me for this. Hey Priya I want to tell this to as many people as I can… hehehe.

4.Gaagi has gone to Kerala to see her parents, so till she’s back my tempo is gonna be low for sure.

5.Lost my birthday mood and excitement about gifts, still I keep saying “C’mon Aarthi cheer up”..... :)


Thursday, January 29, 2009

A day at work

After a long struggle I somehow managed to write this blog and you want to know between whom? It is just between me and myself. Yes, I don’t know why, I always get the time to blog with a nice subject in hand ready; I still didn’t feel like taking the pen in hand or more realistically opening the word document.

I got a bit worried too – Did I lose interest in blogging?

I still haven’t found the answer but I’m happy to be here for now :)

Just like any other day I came to work and was surprised to see my friend already there. Fine you might ask me what is the surprise in it, well nothing much but she used to come 30 mins to an hr after I reach work and I was really happy for 2 reasons
1.Not having any pending work for the day.
2.I can have a small chat with my friend until my boss appears.

Before I explain further I’d like to tell about her [my friend]. She’s Priya- as sweet and simple as her name is. She is not something extra ordinary but I have always admired her for her plus and her minus has petrified me too. I always admire people who are bold and straight forward and especially who don’t cry that often. Priya is one such person. Though she is younger than me, I’ve learnt a lot from her, to be more specific.. on how to deal things, be it personal or professional. She being the only kid at home I thought she’ll be a spoilt brat for sure and being younger than me, I could never guess that she could be really sensible.

As a friend you have 100% freedom to point out her mistakes for which she won’t get offended at the same time she doesn’t care to bother about what others think or say (unless you are her friend) if she feels it is not her mistake. A very helpful, caring and most supportive friend any one would ever get. When I’m really upset a small chat with her will make me feel better for the whole day, so that I really don’t think about it again. I have never seen her dull or never felt she’s boring for that she’ll always have something interesting to share!!!! In simple a very energetic, smart and pretty girl.

Now don’t predict that something went seriously wrong with such a sweet person… Nope.

Coming back to the current day…. Yes I was happy as I saw her early at work. I just switched my PC on and rushed to her with a broad smile (which I later realized need not have been that broad) saying ‘Hi’, the next thing she said was not really that pleasant because I saw tears in her eyes for the first time and she said “My dog passed away.....” When I heard it for the first time I really didn’t understand the impact like many of you who read this. All that was bothering me was..... she was crying, a person who doesn’t cry that easily. I tried to console her after she explained me how it happened and tried to divert her a bit talking about shopping, movies and other similar things that is of common interest to both of us.

Later the same day during a chat with her close friend I found her doggy was more like a sibling to her (as she doesn’t have one) and her absence will affect her a lot. Only then it struck me, yaa… she mentions every now and then about her pet. It made me think for a while… how terrible it’ll be for her to go back home and to not find her in her usual place.


Fine, I told myself I’ll make sure that I keep talking some nonsense so that she’ll get distracted. I opened gtalk to ping her .......................

Her status message startled me ................. made my eyes wet ............ and it took a while for me to forget those lines.

It said, “ You are still my first love”

1. This is my quickest blog.
2. Priya sorry if I reminded you about her... but you asked for my next blog, so here it is :)