Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Time-My Teacher

When I had all the time for myself and never had a chance to say “I’m busy”, I should say it was lovely too. I rediscovered myself again and again for ‘n’ number of times and the conclusion was not a motif thankfully. I identified the oxymoron in me, which I would have denied if pointed by someone else before or at least would have tried to camouflage it, but now I don’t think there is a need for it. C’mon everyone carries a bit of that. I should admit I loved this process of learning, learning me.. myself, though it is not complete yet….

Until this long break I never thought I too can do a bunch of interesting things or I never thought there are a bunch of things that interests me. I developed my passion for dance through aerobics and got obsessed with aerobics. Listening to music tempted me to sing along and I 'boldly' recorded my voice and listened to it and I’m still singing coz I wish to get completely satisfied with whatever I do passionately. I have to say I’m still a novice in all I do, but never mind today’s amateurishness might lead to a future pro!!!!!! I believe so coz I still have the amour and wish to carry it with me forever. I used to laugh at my irritated chweet lil cousin calling me a “perfectionist” when I stressed her about the cleanliness of the room I shared with her. Before I reminisce and get lost from this topic let me list those magnets that made me an iron/nickel/cobalt…fill in the metal u like.

1.Writing-be it blogs, short stories or just anything, I’m more confident now. All these days I never knew writing can be of one’s paramount interest!!!!!!!
2.Reading-I think I can draw equations and correlate my interest, coz ardent reading made me fall in love with my keyboard and pen and thus I’m here with my keyboard again.
3.Dance-I did both classical [I learnt during my school days] and free style and have choreographed myself for 2 songs. Wishing to sell it for school kids…lol!!!
4.Aerobics-Now with my bandaged foot I have invented a new kind of aerobics….might name it-'Hop Aero' [named it to sound something like a Tai Chi]
5.Music-My mesmerizing companion at all times.
6.Singing-Pushing aside the -ves for some time, I’m still enjoying the +ve feedback I got “Your voice is sweet” OMG!!!
7.Cooking-I’m becoming a pudding expert these days.Sticky date and sweet corn puddings being my specialties…yummy….Tell me you drooled I’ll serve you one.

I think 7 might be odd but not a bad count.


  1. Rediscovering ourselves... ultimate joy isn't it.

    I always enjoy every small thing do in life... So kindaa keep on discoverg things abt myself.

  2. Thats wonderful,Isnt it.Introspecting and bringing out and identifying the talents in yourself.Hope you have started to walk around comfortably..and when are you going to sing for us !!

  3. @cm-chap ya I too loved this process n btw u seem to be really ambitious..gr8..keep goin n all the best...
    @compassion unlimited ya walking but not comfortable yet...will sing for you soon...working for the perfection...:)

  4. Thanks aarthi for taking time to visit each and every blog of mine.I have replied to each of them,Right from blog
    Get well soon

  5. I see that you are gearing up to sing for your fans....but i think you should get your guru's permission before you do tht...mind it..

    and btw who is tht Mr/Ms. X who gave you tht +ve feedback :-)

  6. @gk
    Dei over a scene podadha...if I don't sing properly thaniya vandhu thittu inga vandhu en maanatha for all ppl there GK is my guru who gave those f/b for my singing..podhuma??


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