Friday, August 6, 2010

Knock Knock..

I think everything has happened very quickly, as if I was rushing to finish it all. When I turn back and see my spinster days.. Gosh I miss you very badly and I know I can never get back to you :(

This does not necessarily mean that I am not happy with this married life, but it is different and new and the feeling for my spinster days is kind of nostalgic. Having a lovely husband and carrying a tiny little kid – all happened in 9 months :) I am expecting my kid by this November. I feel really fortunate and blessed and all my prayers these days are for the little angel I am carrying inside me. Once again it makes me feel proud that God made me a women who gets such an awesome feeling of motherhood :)

I was really into a new world and it took very long to get back to all of you here. I am really sorry about that and I am making it a point to continue with my passion here after. Don’t know how far I will be successful but all your support will draw me back here for sure :)

I am really happy to be here and the mere thought that I am going to do what I love makes me excited and gives me a boost. I really don’t know how to express what I feel. I missed all you guys here Preeti, CU, Jaggu, Shashi, Aashi, CM-Chap. Sorry if I have missed anyone here, each one of my visitors are special to me.

Also planning to open a new blog for my recent passion for cosmetics and make up. If you get a chance do visit me there as well. Love you all :)