Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tagged(8)- I s

I am: Aarthi. [I don’t know more than that]
I think: Positive
I know: Lil bit of everything…hope so ;)
I want: Love and Peace
I have: Biggggggg Smile
I wish: [Day] Dreams come True
I hate: Nothing
I miss: Sydney Life
I fear: My future.
I feel: I’m growing fat.
I hear: Keyboard clicks
I smell: Rain on earth
I crave: “Death by Chocolate” [Chocolate dessert at Tangerine]
I search: Truth and Honesty together.
I wonder: Here…
I regret: My mistakes
I love: Almost Everything
I ache: Only when it is unbearable
I am not: skeptic
I believe: Whatever has happened.. is for good.
I dance: In Gym
I sing: When I see or listen to songs.
I cry: When I’m all alone
I don’t always: Cry
I fight: With my sis..
I write: All that hits my mind
I win: When I can bring a smile in someone’s face
I lose: When I hurt someone
I never: Want to hurt anyone
I always: Respect my parents [At least wish too..if they dont agree with this]
I confuse: Very rarely
I listen: To suggestions and not advices
I can usually be found: At work / home..:(
I am scared: Of loneliness
I need: Someone by my side always
I am happy: With what I have
I imagine: Too much [That’s what my friends n parents say]
I Tag: Kuttibalu [who has disappeared suddenly... so wish to welcome him back with this tag]