Thursday, February 25, 2010

Face the(of) Horror

I still remember the times I’d mention to my friends saying,

Oh please don’t take your mustache, it might not be in trend but it is very unpleasant to see a guy without it. Actually I’d say mustache reflects a guy's manliness.”

This would have happened approximately 3-4 years back and till then I was pretty sure that I’d get married to a guy only if he had a mustache [I cant believe I said that !!!!!] Aarthi you were soo.. sooo.. I dono.. absurd.. nope it is not the perfect word. I still remember guys teasing me

Your husband will have a muruku meesa [big curled mustache] for sure.”

Fortunately after 3 years I found this guy completely shaved [not his head though] and I still liked him.

This guy has gone completely insane in the past few weeks. He is growing his mustache vigorously. Vigor is not in the growth [poor hubby] but only in his intention. He accepts it is not very comfortable to have it and he has no reason for growing it, might be my objection drives him the most ;)

It has already been a month and all his friends and colleagues are teasing, pleading, shouting at him to change this new avatar as he looks like an uncle and not a 'just-married' guy. In between there are also sympathizing mails, chat and conversations and supportive words to encourage me to face this terror everyday without taking any shock.

The pathetic thing is sometimes I don’t even recognize him when I see him at a distance or when he crosses me and I get to have a glance for a second.

I just say to myself “Oh someone new is around” .
I was glad to know that this is definitely not an abnormality within me but even couple of his friends have shared the same experience with me.

I’ve been trying my level best to post his pic here with the new mustache but all in vain.

So guys pray for this co-blogger to have a strong and healthy heart for a considerable period of time.

Soon you can see the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pics of him and you all will get a chance to vote your choice. So be prepared to cast your vote and remember guys I’m your co-blogger. It should keep ringing in your ears while you vote. ;)

Coming Soon….

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