Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cosmetic Craze

Having no work I was just ‘googling’, I actually don’t remember what I was looking for.. [These days I even forget my husband’s face!!! lol ;) Sorry Raj. I pity myself for my bad memory] Anyways I was just rambling and I ended up reading two ‘beauty and cosmetics’ blog, one stumbled upon by myself and on discussing about it with my friend she suggested the other one, helping me to kill more time.

Initially [or just 2 days back] I was shocked and confused thinking...
1.How can anyone buy / afford to buy so many cosmetics?
I’ll say they would have at least 20-25 lip gloss, 10 foundations, 30 moisturizers, 50 brushes, 30 eye and lip liners, 10 shampoos and conditioners and list goes on and on and on.
2.How can anyone try so many products and yet not spoil their skin and hair?
3.They have been doing this for years and still have not lost interest!!!!
4.How their husbands don’t complain about their cosmetic craze!!!!!

The above few are just samples [I really cant list all of those silly questions here]

It started with a shock in my face and I ended up as an addict :( I’ll blame my superiors for not assigning me work and hence this still continues though I dont want to…

My Stages of Development:

2 days back -> Yesterday -> Today :(
Just Looking ->Brief Reading ->Detailed Reading along with craving :(

Now I ended up listing a few things. Yesterday there were just 4 products in my list [costing approximately Rs.2500] and today it is 6 [might be Rs.3000]. This is not in my budget for the month but given another few days I might buy at least 2 of them. [My mind voice: Guys please distract me or just give me some work]. Then I thought of my blogs and here I am.

Hi all !!!!!! Have fun :)

P.S : Im a girl wearing just a lip gloss and kajal everyday and even during any occassion.


  1. hey .. aarti.. how ru ?? long time..

  2. If I ever make new products, you will my target customer.... ha ha.. Hows married life?

    Height of boredom in office for me is.. I google my own name :)

  3. @CM-Chap
    I think ths phase is meant for 'boredom'.. :( Married life is cool and busy as well. Settling down still :) So hows life other than work?

  4. Thank you Jaanvi :) Welcome here.. btw nice name :)


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