Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Alive

To continue with where I stopped, my birthday went really well, would say this was one of my best birthdays ever!!!!

The last time I blogged [April 14th] think was the last time I was really upset, after which everything till now is smooth and fine. Love u blogosphere.. :) and pity you people who read all my emotional crap and still ask me to blog more. I appreciate your guts ;) and love you all a lot.

Though I am not very comfortable to sit next to my boss and blog, I thought I should at least start now and finish it whenever I get some time at home. Thanks to all the servers that are down and developers who are still on their way to work till which I can spend some time in this utopia. Trust me I am really happy to be here after a long while.

This period of time- April to Jan had taught me a lot, I really mean a looooooooot. Every one of us would have heard a million times about it but only when we experience it we get the true essence and we realize it completely.

I am talking about marriage, life partner, the new life, etc. I had to face this terrifying ‘M’ factor on December 6th of last year and I really did face it with a big smile. I had to admit that it is one of the main reasons for me to stay away from this world, my space – utopia. Almost back on routine – it is still ‘almost’ coz I haven’t started blogging with my old hyper ethusiastic mood or whatever you call it yet :( things are very new, fresh, sometimes weird, thrilling, adventurous and challenging too.

1.No more lazy nap at mum’s place.
4.Late night outings [Honestly I saw the outside world after 10 p.m only after my marriage]
5.Plastic smiles at everyone I see.

Things that have not changed

1.More number of elders to advice us [OMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! Yes I know I should be responsible. Yes I know I should be patient enough. But I’ve heard this a million times already so…excuse me I don’t need one Plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss]

2.Still working in the same place with no change in spite of the tip they give me for my work. [Btw I just get a tip and no salary- anyone who knows my condition would agree to it ;( ]

3.My longing for blogging. Yes it never dies.

So all people out there have a great year ahead. Let me wish you all for.. ummm...
Ya.. starting from this year 2010
1.Happy New Year
2.Happy Birthday
3.Happy Sankranthi
4.Happy Anniversary
5.Happy break ups
6.Happy reunions

Did I miss something????

Happy Blogging :)


  1. Did i understand you right that you have got married? If yes, a big congratulations and soon I will also be entering into that league.:)

  2. Welcome back & breaking a great news very very casually..Congrats...
    & did the blog world miss you surely ,yes...but now that you are back,one can expect the old enthuthiasm .right !

  3. Hey Jaggu.. Have fun.. Join the club :)

  4. @CU

    Hey yes, same enthu or might be even more :) Missed all you guys :( Happy to be back here.


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