Friday, August 6, 2010

Knock Knock..

I think everything has happened very quickly, as if I was rushing to finish it all. When I turn back and see my spinster days.. Gosh I miss you very badly and I know I can never get back to you :(

This does not necessarily mean that I am not happy with this married life, but it is different and new and the feeling for my spinster days is kind of nostalgic. Having a lovely husband and carrying a tiny little kid – all happened in 9 months :) I am expecting my kid by this November. I feel really fortunate and blessed and all my prayers these days are for the little angel I am carrying inside me. Once again it makes me feel proud that God made me a women who gets such an awesome feeling of motherhood :)

I was really into a new world and it took very long to get back to all of you here. I am really sorry about that and I am making it a point to continue with my passion here after. Don’t know how far I will be successful but all your support will draw me back here for sure :)

I am really happy to be here and the mere thought that I am going to do what I love makes me excited and gives me a boost. I really don’t know how to express what I feel. I missed all you guys here Preeti, CU, Jaggu, Shashi, Aashi, CM-Chap. Sorry if I have missed anyone here, each one of my visitors are special to me.

Also planning to open a new blog for my recent passion for cosmetics and make up. If you get a chance do visit me there as well. Love you all :)


  1. hi its a friendly visit for a friendly blogger in a frienly manner, thus by dropping here from my blog

    Follow my blog if you like it means

  2. Hey congrats sweetie :)

    I'm actually happy to see a non beauty blog for a change as I"m an avid reader of other blogs as well!

  3. Congrats on this Lovely news ...Motherhood is ,I guess one of the wonderful phases ,which God has been very partial towards women..We can never understand that !
    November is not far off & we do look forward to couple of posts, before someone occupies your 24 hours !!
    Where are you these days..
    Do keep in touch

    God Bless

  4. Aarthi dear!! There's a mom like diva/rock-star on the way?! Congratulations! God bless your little family! Can't wait to read about your journey until this year end and then further along! Wish you and baby good health! Lots of love from me! *hugs*

  5. @Ki
    It is really nice to see you here Ki. Really Glad :)

  6. @CU
    Thanks a lot CU :) I was really held up settling down with this new life [both married life and motherhood] all these days :) Im planning to be regular. Lemme c :)

  7. @Aashi
    He he ;) Thanks for ur blessings :) Really can't believe that I am carrying a lil one inside me :) It is thrilling !!!! Will be posting regularly until my health permits. Hugs :)

  8. wow, thatz a lot of changes! congratz :)

  9. hi sweetheart.. u know its such a positive post. loved it totally. it's so strange in definitely a good way though that i hv seen u grow from a girl to a married woman n now to a soon-a-be mom. so wat i hv known u virtualy. its really n awesomely great feeling. all my prayers n love n wishes are thr with u and ur li'l baby-inside-ur tummy. hey y dont u write posts regarding ur day-to-day experience associated with the feeling of becoming a mom. if not day to day then at a regular basis.

    all d best for ur upcoming new blog n hey u hv been missed too my me.

    may god bless u all.

    love n hugs

  10. Hey Preeti,

    Glad to see you here...Ya true, feel like everything happened so quickly :) Thanks a lot for all your prayers and wishes. Will try to write a post on that v soon :)

  11. Hey Congratz... Happy for you.

    I read ur post very late. Happy to see you remembered me. Take care of you and ur angel :)


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