Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Cute Lil Feel

Towards the end of my pregnancy !!!!!! Really excited to share all those wonderful moments [last few months].

When it started it was very simple and normal. As it was just 3 months after my marriage, it was too quick when I came to know that I am carrying. Got an appointment with my doctor and nothing struck me until I was lying down for my first scan. When I was peeping at the screen all I expected to see is an oval egg shaped image. [I thought it is too early to expect any human shaped figure] To my surprise what I saw was really really a tiny figure with a big head and not so proportionate body. I couldn't believe my eyes !!!!! I didnt expect this at all... and I had gone all alone for the scan. I couldn't control my tears and I think the Doc guessed it and asked "Is this your first child?" I said "Yes" showing all my teeth.

As soon as the scanning was over, I rushed to the loo and cried for few mins. My happiness knew no bounds :) The moment I felt I have a baby inside me.... Gosh.... I tell you the best feeling anyone could ever get. [I really pity all guys for not having this option of having a kid ;)] Holding my tummy and embracing it I could not stop my tears for a while. I was glad that neither mum nor my hubby was around, else I would have just bursted out and embarrassed them.

From then on I kept noting down everything new that happened to me or the kid. On our 6th month anniversary [if nothing exists of that sort then assume we created it for ourselves ;)] was the day I felt my baby moving inside me for the first time. I really wished my hubby could feel the same and yes he did the very next moment. Then it slowly grew by playing with the kid, talking, tickling and all fun followed :)

Having just 4 weeks to go !!!!!! I really couldn't believe that I have crossed 36 weeks already. Everything seems to be happening so quick and sturdy as if I am rushing for something :) Now baby doesn't have much space to play around in my tummy that it keeps pushing me on either side as if it is waiting to pop out any time.

It is really God's gift that we women get this opportunity to carry a life within us !!!!! I feel blessed. :)


  1. Hi, Thats nice to hear. Time does really fly & pretty soon your baby is going to be in your hands ! Great feeling.
    Share with us the pic after that. take care & God bless

  2. Aarthi dear, i just don't know what to write here. i guess i have alrdy express my happiness in ur previous post. but this is really something different... much more higher than the previous feelings. motherhood is something which can't be expressed in mere words.. it is something to be felt.

    i wish u and ur li'l one and off course ur hubby all d happiness in life.

    stay happy and stay blessed :)

  3. Hi Aarthi..

    after a long time....
    Hey really its a good news..... I just love the preg. woman.... I know u must be glowing ... wow...

    Keep sharing ur pic.

  4. @ Preeti

    Thank You Sweetie :) Thanks a ton :)

  5. @ Sandhya

    Really after a very long time !!! Nice to see you here :) Will do that soon :)


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