Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Zoology test

We were in class 9 and our gang [SPADSV-mentioned in my previous blog] occupying the last 2 benches, 3 in a bench- me, Poornima and Sush in the last bench and Dhana, Vai and Sheelu in the one before us. Comfortably seated in the last, to do all kind of pranks we still managed to study well [Sush was the class topper] so teachers [except few] never believed when guys complained about us.

Our Zoology teacher had announced a test for 25 marks the previous day. I hardly studied anything coz our gang decided not to study and planned to try failing at least once, just to know how it feels. Even if any of us studied, they won’t be allowed to write even a word in the paper declared Poornima. After the morning prayer we were asking other girls in our class whether they were prepared and all seem to have prepared---at least to pass.

Though we didn’t discuss among ourselves we were getting tensed as lunch was nearing, coz the test was after the lunch break. We knew that anyway we can’t finish studying in the lunch break and were really worried about the foolish thought that crossed our mind the previous day. After the bell the note books were distributed and all six of us were just............... as blank as our papers were!!!
Poornima broke the silence with her whisper- Hey did any one carry the zoology book with you today?
: Ya.

She was the bold one among 3 of us, I mean Poornima, coz she came forward to copy it from the book and we can copy from her notes and at the same time warn her if the teacher is nearing us. Sheela started begging for the book coz none of the three had the book and finally managed to get one by threatening a new comer. While the test was going on, a couple of guys were sent out for copying and again another pair and almost 15 guys were standing out to be taken to the Head Mistress. Sush started shivering and Sheela said that the teacher saw us once and next time if she finds any of our heads going down we will get caught for sure!!!!!!!

The test was over and we handed our note books back for correction and were relaxing with a broad smile when Vai said “I saw her watching us from the beginning but Thank God she didn’t call our namesSush became furious, “Why the hell we have to decide such a stupid thing, then get so tensed and take such a risk. Next time I’m not going to listen to any of you guys, but do remember our notebooks would look like photocopies and there are still chances for us to get caught” We all went dumb and for the next 1 week we were discussing about how to convince our parents, if at all they were called to meet the H.M----preparing ourselves for the worst case.

The day came; we were sitting holding our hands tight and I could feel the chill in Poornima’s hands. The books were distributed, almost all girls got their books except 6 of us. While submitting we made sure that our note books were mingled with others’ and not together, but in spite of that now, just our books were yet to be distributed. We were almost in tears, when we heard the teacher call our names. We 6 were standing and she was holding our notebooks in her hand, guys sitting beside us were laughing and their look conveying “Enna aatam poteenga..matneengala

Teacher-Your parents send you hear not just to have fun but to study. How many of you have ever realized that?? [I heard someone among us sob, my face was red and the warm blood was rushing making it more colourful] When people around you can study well, why can’t you? [I didn’t want to see her face so was trying to hide myself behind] Today I’m really proud of these girls standing here. Whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt…. [Did I hear her properly? Yes, coz the other 5 had that confused look in their faces too] After so much of hard work, see these girls, all 6 getting 25/25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [All were shocked and we 6 were still unable to understand what’s happening around us] Now every one, give them a big round of applause [And yes it happened, all were clapping hands for us]

We waited to get our books back and everything looked fine and we all breathed normally again. The guys beside us said “Adi paveengala” and we all laughed.

After 11 years we still remember all that happened on that day and this incident would be mentioned at least once by anyone of us during our meetings till date and we would laugh at it rolling down on the floor.


  1. Naaanum pooiiii pithalatam, 420 forgg evalo pani iruken and yevalavo pathu irukeen schoool la.. Anna intha marii professionalism pakurathu konjam kastamm thaaan. , good work...

  2. Why suddenly u remembered it..Any exams

  3. @ kuttibalu

    @aniket and Prem
    thanks for dropping by

    @compassion unlimited
    ya exams coming over...jus in my dreams...:)

    hey ..thanks...

  4. the "Adi Paveengala" was just fun :)
    had a hearty laugh... the good old college dayz. you just inspired me to write something from my PUC life - iam posting it @ my place. do check it out -

  5. @xh
    lol..i think everyone liked tht bit..will visit ur blog soon..:)


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