Tuesday, November 6, 2007


People who read ‘The Hindu’ regularly excuse me!! coz you would have read this already- this is about an interesting article I found in today’s Metro Plus.

So for the rest of you there, let me first chase that confused look in your face [if you have one!!!] which would have made you curious [I wish so] when you saw the topic of this blog, NaNoWriMo, which simply means National Novel Writers Month.

This is for people like me, craving there to write at least one novel in this birth but holding back coz they are very doubtful about their skills, language, etc. Here they give us a month time –Nov 1 to 30 [already 5 days gone!!!] and 50,000 words being the word limit and we can write a novel. You just stick on to this time and word limit and you name your work a novel :) and post your novel for other Wrimos [that’s how they address the participants] to read!!!!

They don’t give any awards or certificates for the best ones but this is just being a place to have a good start. It helps to initiate writing in people, who love to write, but just got stuck up with a starting trouble. Though some feel that lack of judgement and appraisal as a drawback here, the other side says they really don’t mind about that.

Once we post it on or before Nov 30, we can later have discussions in the chat rooms about how to improve and get suggestions from few experts on what to improve. We can even tweak the work later and make it better. So any amateur writers there…think you don’t know how to start the journey…try this one!!!!!



  1. Good luck to you (hoping you are going to try your hand at it )

  2. Hi Aarthi

    Best of luck for you.

  3. Not me thanks...But if u write one..I'll come and buy ur book! :D

  4. You have nice blog.

    Best wishes btw for you to write one!


  5. hey nice info out thr. thnx for sharing it.

    thnx 4 dropping by my blog n 4 ur sweet commnt.n also a big thnx 4 blogrolling me. me 2 blogrolling u. all d 3 blogs r very beautiful. will rd thm all once m a bit free.
    do kp visiting .
    n tk cr
    :) :) :)

  6. @m.flowerr
    my pleasure..

    @compassion unlimitted n sandhya
    thanks for your wishes but unfortunately not this time..i might try it next yr.

    wow...thanks for tht...

    thanks for dropping by Sindhu..keep coming :)

    thanks a looooooot :)


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