Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tagged(1)--8 Facts about me

Tagging rules: 1. Each blogger must post these rules 2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves 3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. 4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and to read your blog.

I was tagged by Shashi on eight random facts about me, long long ago. Sorry about the delay Shashi.

1. Novice-I’m a novice at many things. I’m a bharathanatyam dancer [think I can say so..coz done stage performances] yet to do my ‘Arengetram’ but done with my ‘Salangai pooja’, learnt carnatic music till 'varnams', an interior designer for just my home, amateur writer having bunch of stories to be disclosed and the list goes on. Wishing some day I might be an expert in any one at least :)

2. Short-tempered- Any of my friends/relatives or even people who know me since a week would easily highlight this quality of mine. Trying hard to get over this. There were times when I have even felt proud to say that I’m short-tempered but now ‘no way’ I have to change and I’m trying hard to stay calm.

3. My name- I love the way my parents chose my name. It has a part of my dad’s name and a part of my mum’s name, ManohAR and SumaTHI was made ARTHI. Lovely isn’t it? [They even had a boy baby’s name SUmathi and MANohar-SUMAN.]

4. Cleanliness- I can say I’m obsessed with cleanliness-no exaggeration!! Even a small crinkle in my bedspread would disturb me, so I hardly let anyone inside my room. A bit too stupid…my mum says…:p

5. Things people keep- I have this habit of collecting pretty shopping bags and covers. Strange huh!!?? I don’t remember when I started but now would have around 250 different shopping bags with me. Might be when it reaches 1000 or 500 you can find me in ‘The Hindu’ –“Things people keep” segment.

6. Gadgets- I’m a bit crazy about the gadgets and I have named all of them. My mobile phones-Samsung P300-Sweetoo, Apple I phone-Ice [Donno why I named so..might b coz it is cool], Laptop-Dell Inspiron-Chamcha[It means spoon in Telugu n don’t ask me the reason why I named so coz there is none], I-pod shuffle-Snuffy and I-pod shuffle mini-Pouchy, Sony USB Memory stick-Numo.

7. Fitness freak-Diet, exercise, aerobics, tread mill- people who chat with me should be able to talk at least about one of the 4 topics here, coz I’m so conscious about maintaining myself within the 55-58 kgs limit. Though the graph has never been constant, I can’t sleep until I achieve the target.

8. Aries- I’m an April born and according to Linda Goodman’s Love signs “So you are in love with an Aries women, I don’t know whether to congratulate you or pity you” and I completely agree with her !!!!!!!!

Hope it was not too boring….I tried my level best to keep it short.

I would like to tag

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  1. Me Firshhtu here..
    Name thing is really interesting.. n all the beshtu for the Hindu Column.. rushing now.. will comment more later

  2. Ok..No worries..don't forget that you are tagged :)

  3. Hey !It was nice getting to know you a bit through this tag..Will take it up soon may be in a couple of days time ..

    It actuaaly is a wonderful way by which you were named.. I have a childhoos friend aarthi I jus realised she could be named the same way as you as her dad's name was Manohar and her mom's Revathi.. Good luck for your bag collection :)

  4. hey Aarthi

    First of all thanx for tagging me n its seriouly nice to more about you.
    Nice to know abt ur gadgets name n ur habit of shopping bags n seriously it was not boring as u had written in last.


  5. Hey.. Nice tag that...Will take it up soon!


  6. hi
    first time here...

    thank god my parents did not go down the route ur parents went when it came to naming me...otherwise i would have ended upp with PONSELVI....ha ha ha lol...
    I must admit the way they named u is cool..i know few people....and i even suggested that for my sisters son..( new born) last week....but they did not..

  7. @shalini
    Thnks..ppl like the name thing and bag collection the most..:)

  8. @Sandhya
    wow..nice to knw tht i'm not boring ppl here..waiting to knw more abt u too..:)

    thanks for accepting..i'm curious too..to knw abt u..:)

    @known stranger
    Pon selvi doesn't sound bad..but for a girl;)..and thanks for dropping by here...keep coming..:)

  9. first time here, and nie to know more about you. teh naming habit - well, i too hv bitten by that. My car is Blackbeauty, my one bullet is Arwen, other is Kochupennu (small girl in english) and Honda unicorn is Jeevs (from PG Wodehouse), my camera (D 40) is Moi (pronounced as Mo-E), my cell (Nokia 1110i) is Bluey, my xbox is chotu, fridge is cooly... the list goes on :) Do drop in @ my page - u r most welcome there.

  10. Hey R Thee! after reading this i think you and Rahul Dravid possess same qualities, just got remembered the article given by dravid couple of months in Times, he told he is trying to stay calm and similarly you too...

    Overall this is an excellent show :)

  11. wowww..aarthi! this is a gr8 way 2 know u more. really u hv done a good jod.

    sorry 4 d late commnt. kinda busy with xms thz days. between somehow i hv managed 2 get some time 2 do the tag. ck it out wenevr u do gt d time

    tk cr
    :) :) :)

  12. omg... iddu enda tag.. dnt even remember lol...nice.. how uve been ?? long time...

  13. @xh
    thanks for droppin by..nice to knw tht not jus me is weird in ths world..:)

    wow..u must be my fan...u compare me with gr8 ppl like manirathnam n dravid..cool....:)

    no worries dear..me too got placed and didn't have time to chk..will drop by soon..:)

    Myself dont rem the xact date..i'm doing gr8..got placed recently..:)

  14. Yeah Yeah became your fan after reading your nice articles :)

  15. Ive done the tag.Take a look at it.. Have a lovely weekend!

  16. i've read your stories..its good...so mebbe u r becoming an expert in that :)
    2 7 4 seems like me...
    heh..he. i know someone too who collects bags...

    u like gadgets and actually know aht they do wow!! :(

    and u're tagging me again...i've just finished a similar one...would u mind if i do it after a while?

  17. @shalini
    hey ya I did see your blog and left my comment too...:)

    @Thinking aloud
    Ya I loveeee gadgets...n take the tag whenever you can...no issues..:)

  18. Aarthi...I have asnwered your question on Thanks Giving in my blog. Please visit and get the info. Let me know if u need more info...enjoy...take care


Nice to see you here. Thanks for dropping by..keep coming :)