Sunday, November 11, 2007


The festive mood is on and my house is getting filled up with crackers, sweets, gifts, clothes and people. Me always stressing about the cleanliness at home have to take a small break for a week, coz I know I can’t really do it with all the above mentioned things scattered all over the house. Thank God my room is still under my control, coz the keys are with me and I lock it even when I go for dinner to the dining table. Given a 30 secs gap my mum would dump my room with something…

Keeping aside the cleanliness issue I enjoy everything about this Diwali season. I get to do the maximum shopping and this is the only time I totally get satisfied with whatever I buy, be it clothes or footwear or cosmetics or handbags or just anything. Eventually my dad will be the only sad person at home-I heard him saying to my aunt-“En pant, shirt ellam uruvitaanga, idula innum tailor bill vera irukam, I think after that en nelamai Pazhani andavar nelama dan” Me and Mum would laugh at this!!!!

My cousin would always say that the house looks more beautiful with all this mess around. Me and my sis with our cousins, dad with his bros n sis and mum with his bros all at our place…OMG, anyone would prefer a fish market to our house, but I love that non stop nonsense, the get together that brings smile in everyone’s face--no price for that. Dad’s place being Sivakasi and having known most of those cracker factory people, this time there was no place at home to keep the gift boxes-imagine the size of each box which can hold a person in it. Yesterday night I had no other option; I stayed awake till 2 a.m segregating clothes, sweets and crackers for our driver, securities, servant and cook and made sure it was distributed before 10a.m. All were happy with their gifts and I was happy too.

I really missed all this fun for the 2 yrs when I was in Sydney and now it is my sis’s turn to miss this, who is in New York now. I really miss her for not being able to threaten anybody with those ‘atom bombs’ and ‘lakshmi vedis’, my cousins are brave enough to even hold them in their hands, though they don’t do that!!!!

After all the fun and freaking moments comes the unbearable thing-the departure. I really can’t imagine that. Suddenly the house looks haunted with no voices, no laughter and no bursting of crackers. It takes some time for me to get back to normal and this time I’m well prepared for that. So for all my blogger friends-“Wish you and your family a very happy Diwali

P.S-I had time to write but not to post this before Diwali. Sorry for the belated wishes.


  1. hey..dear's a lovely post. even i think my rrom also looks much better with all d mess around ..n i alwys try 2 convice this fact 2 my mom..but i alwys fail in it..[:p]

    dont be sorry 4 d belated diwali wish..days dsnt mttr. it is d feelings that matters d most.

    belated happy diwali
    tk cr
    :) :) :)

  2. aarthi, wishes to you too...i love this part of teh year...

  3. @ preetilata
    thanks for such a lovely chweet of u...:)
    @thinking aloud
    Thank you and me!!!

  4. hey.........belated wishes to you too!!

  5. Seasons greetings.and of belated Diwali wishes..only many sweets and crackers left did you have the

  6. @compassion unlimited

    Thanks for your wishes..

    Sweets were all distributed among friends, relatives and servants.

    Crackers are waiting for my cousin who will be coming to India this week n for the first time in her life she'll be bursting crackers!!!

  7. D'vali is fun with all teh crackers - but guess what - this year I was alone @ my place, so, it was not much fun. the only fun thing i did was to go out in teh terrace and took fotos of the fireworks. I love teh 'getting-together' thing. being a mallu, we celebrate Onam and vishu very much like this - and our home will resemble a refugee camp during those dayz. but is it fun.

  8. @xh happens smetime..ever been alone during your b' is terrible....i hav been its not tht bad..v r always on the better side of life...:)n refugee!!!

  9. being alone in teh b'day is just terrible. Was alone this b'day - and it was like the worst b'day i had over last few years...

  10. @xh
    ohh..u hav been thru tht too!!!!!


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