Sunday, November 25, 2007

Redirected to a New Land

This must be my quickest blog ever, coz I “don’t have time” to enjoy what I write and elaborate all the interesting things that happened in the past 2 weeks. I never thought I would even say these words- “I am busy” or “I don’t have time” in my life.

To my surprise I found it hard to hold on to lengthy blogs!!!! I’m a person who enjoyed reading/ writing blogs and within a week everything changed…though I wish it doesn’t continue for long. Unusually I had to talk family issues with my mum over the phone and had no time to discuss it at home…:(

It was a mix of all kinda emotions-angry, tensed, upset, disturbed, happy, hesitating, confused, doubtful and again these are just a handful of examples. The new place was not very odd; I managed to carry that smile with me all the time, so that people don’t think I’m bad or unapproachable. I should say it did help me. All people around me belonging to more/ less the same age group; were not that similar as I expected to be. More guys and very few girls in our team didn’t bother me much.

My entry into my work place was with my Tech Lead introducing me to my teammates. There were just 2 girls other than me and heard that they wanted a ragging session…thought OMG!!!! Don’t I have an innocent look, why should anyone want to rag such a beautiful and calm girl [And btw if you are confused I’m talking about myself!!!!] Guys were too demanding…. yes I had to pay them to make them smile.

The first day was full of boring meetings-3 in 3 hrs and I was already tired with repeated introductions. Being a late riser, I was happy to hear that I need not wake up too early everyday. I guessed that the work won’t be too demanding [at least not most of the time] but staring at the computer screen all day didn’t please me at all and I’m afraid whether I’ll soon develop an aversion towards it.

I wanted to write a separate blog about this person-my saviour in this new Island-Gayathri. Thank God I was thirsty that day, so I approached her asking where I could find drinking water and she was kind enough to walk with me to show the place and I felt myself very comfortable with her. I know good things won’t last long and as I expected she told me the next day she’ll be leaving soon!!!!! She’s such a sweetheart I must say and I really feel bad for not being able to elaborate on this one.

So many people, each with a unique attribute and I remember each one with one word in my mind [coz whenever I see them that’s what I felt they are], before I registered their original names- friendly but hesitating, wicked smile, rigid face, [tries to be so], flirt n troublesome, just mind your own business, oh my god don’t see me, smiley, dumbo, why should I and who are you kind of reactions in their faces.

It has been a week already and I’m happy that I knew all their names and have got a reasonable number of friends around me. Thank God….the only trouble being I’ve already got enough work to keep myself occupied for the next 1 week!!! Got a presentation to do as well...Am I stressed???? Have to hit the sack now and longing for the next weekend already..he he..:)

Hoping this situation is for just this week and after that I get some time to completely get lost in my utopia and enjoy visiting other blogger’s lands. So till then keep smiling everyone.... like I do…:)


  1. hey aarthi...thanks for ur comments on my NY blog...
    by the way nice blog of you...

  2. Congrats on your new job.. ATB.. Where did the novice landed?

  3. new job, new place.. congratz :) @ work, some dayz will be lazy, some dayz will be full of steam and preassure - you will soon get adjusted to it. i hope you love the work you are doing now - if you love the work, then you will soon find time for everything, and will be happy :) enjoy the new place and work.

  4. Congrats on your new job! Its good to know that you have youe hands full .. I think its a good thing bcoz at the end of the day I know I have not wasted much time.. So, I feel good and satisfied..
    Enjoy your new work and work place.May you get a lot of good friends :)

  5. found your blog from another link and glad i did :)

    hope you find the way to utopica soon :)

  6. Hey,congrats on your new job:)
    and yes,initial few days are time passes by, everything would be in happy!

  7. @jaggu

    Thanks and wats ATB????

    Thanks a lot..I'm not into the work completely, so till now I'm comfortable and fine..might be after a month I can say whether I like this job or not...:)

    ya Shalini it is true..though it is stressful sometimes..EOD I'm happy that I'm working for what they are paying and just not bludging....:)

    Thanks for those comments and do keep visiting...N I'll try not to disappoint you...)

    Thank you dear and ya I'll be happy....:)

  8. congrats on the new job, arathi!!!and where's teh new place?...

    heh..heh...for some reason reminded me of my post 'will you be my friend " ;)

  9. @Thinking aloud
    The new place is at Chennai only...n no wonder you remembered your blog "Will you be my friend"...I was pretty much facing a similar situaton here.....:)

  10. Hi Aarthi

    First of all congrats for ur new job.

    i know a new job is like a new approach in the life. Life takes a new direction. The whole mindset get changed. Anyways, m nt afraiding u. Hope u'll settle here vry soon.

    n BTW where is our treat????

    Now plz dont say dat we hv to come to chennai......... Plz.........

  11. Tagged You for a chained blog...visit my habits blog for details..

  12. @Sandhya
    Thanks dear..ok n abt the treat u cnt come to shall i send it in courier???
    Jus chk out the comments for your tagged blog.

  13. Nee Goltu thane...
    ATB na Allu The Beshtu...

    PS: Just on a funny note.. No offense meant.

  14. so much for short posts :-P

    new places are always tough until u find the right people, leave alone job..

  15. @kuttibalu
    goltis are better than pandis..:)anyway thanks for your wishesu...:)

    So much for short posts???? Didn't get u.

  16. Hey Aarthi! Many Congrats for your new job, don't get stressed up with new job.Since you are a cool headed person like dravid,guess tension,stress,anger willn't be outdisplayed by him and as so by you :).

    Job doesn't have anything to do with a blog.

    You can blog whenever you need to give your brain a break.

  17. u seem to be fitting in very well...great...with ur outlook on things, u will be just find time to pen a few words, its a great stress buster...

  18. Kewl.. have fun while it lasts! :D

  19. @karthick
    Ya...I keep myself least I try to be so..he he...n ya I'd love to blog but I hardly get time...having jus 2 days[weekends] to relax is really not sufficient for me...:)

    @tys on ice
    Oh really!!!! I'm happy..ya this is a gr8 place to relax..I agree...:)

    @the artist and curious

    @thinking aloud
    OMG no way.....:)

  20. You've been tagged by me.Check my blog for details :)

  21. just tell those guys who wanted to rag you that theres a big blogger team behind you..they will run away..he he he
    good luck on your venture

  22. @Shalini
    Will take up your tag soon...:)

    @Compassion Unlimited
    He he...Thanks for your support and wishes....:)

  23. Hope you've settled well into your place...and space. Its tough, but thiese are the beginnings of fun and new things to come....all the best!

  24. @prats
    Ya find it hard sometimes...managing thou..thanks for your wishes...:)

  25. Aarthi,You write Pretty well. It seems only gayathri was an oasis to you quenching your thirst in a desert of scorching sand(Not Literally, but figuratively). What about the other Poor souls like me?

  26. Omg vasu..I never knew u then..u are a nice person too..and slowly after i came to knw about others..many are nice to me..ok...:)


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