Saturday, May 31, 2008

This stuff is...

Been a while since I blogged….

As I pick up the Ergo [free local newspaper targeting the IT Industry] today morning I bumped into this article about the Indiblogger meet in Chennai. Oops !!!! I thought I could register later…...but at last I missed it...:( Then it clicked me…..when did I last blog?? what happened to my 3-4 blog per month count???

Aaahhh...It is never late I can still write one and change the date and upload, so that it looks neat and clean Jan 3,Feb 3, Mar 3, Apr 3, May 3.

So what should I now blog about? Something nice? Or Something weird? Or Mix of both? Well, lemme figure it out at the end.

Some New rules were set at work-

  • No more listening to music while work hours, so total ban to speakers and headphones. People had that WTF reaction on their face, which was neatly camouflaged with that “Oh that’s ok”, the simplest reaction they could ever give as it was declared by our head…
  • It is “better” to “minimize” chatting. …[Thank God it is not “should” and “stop” but just “better” and “minimize”…hehe….be positive guys!!!!]. We laid emphasis on those unstressed words, but it was followed by a shock.

I got even the logs of chat, orkut and other social networking websites, which was not really pleasing” [Again I thanked God… they didn’t mention Blogging]

Gosh why do they have to do that???????

So until something is very important/necessary/urgent [good he mentioned all those words] please guys be in control

We were predicting the other rules they might include in the future

1.Don’t drink/eat [even water or snacks] at your desk unless it is very important [you got hiccups], necessary[you couldn’t breathe] or urgent[ you might die].

2. Don’t talk to your colleagues unless it is work related. Sometimes you might say a ‘Hi’ or ‘How are you?” or “Good morning... so and so” since you might forget their names!!!

3.Don’t take leave at all. Though you have that 10+12 days quota every year. I’ll be more pleased to see you work 365 days or 366 if it is a leap!!!!!

Oops again a blog about my work…mmm fine…next time let me not irk people with the same stuff…;) And yaaa I figured it out…. This stuff is pretty weird of course.


  1. Ha ha ha! The meet was good fun.

  2. Ya. Aarthi

    I have tagged only u.....

  3. hi aarthi

    nice stuff. r u in iT industry?

    coz m read in infact today's newspaper that due to the cutdown costs, the toilet roll paper in the washroom has been removed.

    wat a idea of cost cutting yaar????

  4. @jollyroger you made it!!!!!

    Hey thanks for that.

    Yup into IT..toilet rolls...grt..might have to include that soon in the list...;)

  5. u guys have blogger meet?...where the hell am i living?....anyways, iam afarid i cant comment too much on the office rules...coz in my office i had to set them...the guys were wasting too much time on chat and i set a time table for them...told them to surf and chat all they want during their lunch break

  6. the 'possible rules' mentioned by you aren't entirely impossible....the way the industry is growing and shrinking, you very well might have a check on all the damn things you do in office...

  7. funny!!!!anyways rules are meant 2 break ,rite??

  8. looks you are back to school..fall in line,prayer,standing on the bench..etc etc...good luck

  9. now i AM glad that i work from home...the grass is definitely greener on my side at least in teh rules dept....

    :) ;)

  10. You may post your blog to my blog directory

  11. Yes we made it. U shld read about it in my blog

  12. @tys on ice
    I can never picture u as a strict/ bossy person...lunch brk? 1 hr for music and mails???? No way...:(

    Welcome to my blog...hmmmm yaaa..what u said is true...:(

    Hey welcome here...thts cool...yup...brk the rules!!!!

    Ya....but my school was far far better u knw...

    Ya happy that way...:)



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