Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I saw God...U?

I wanted to write about this S n S [Serious and Sensible] stuff really really long before. As you all know the obvious reason of me being held up with my work, didn’t let me spend much time for this. It is never late and no regrets, so here it is… some awesome read for all you there.

Ramavaram…..- I don’t know how many of us know this place, or how many of us will be even interested in knowing about this. Well, if you want to know then go ahead or jus chill out this stuff might not be for you.

Ramavaram is a slum, which is surprisingly situated very near to the metro… Chennai. Why I mentioned “surprisingly” here is, the place is very much underdeveloped or to be honest completely undeveloped!!!!! when compared to the metro. People here don’t meet even their basic needs like food, clothing and shelter!!!! It is a small slum with not a huge population and well the link will take you to further details about the place.

If it is not about the slum…then what am I going to write here?
About Gods!!!!

I have heard people saying “God sent angels” or God appearing in disguise as Humans. I should say I’m lucky and fortunate….Lucky- coz I saw those Gods on Earth and Fortunate- coz I’m sharing their pics with you guys…:)

These Gods are doing their M.B.B.S [To be Doctors] 1st and 2nd year in Ramachandra Medical College, Porur. Well don’t be surprised that these Gods are far younger than us…..Yes, they are still in their teens and early 20s!!! M.B.B.S is considered to be one of the most hectic under graduate degree, where people really have to put in 100% effort, dedication, interest not only during the course of study but even during their service period…and their hard work extending till their death. Unlike many they didn’t find their weekends as time to hang out in pubs, cafes and movies but THEY ADOPTED THIS SLUM…and they are providing all kind of possible support to the people living there!!!!!!!!

Let me list few of them…
1. Education to kids.
2. Supply of stationeries like pencil, pens and notebooks.
3. Clean clothes.
4. Nutritious Food.
5. Teaching hygienic habits.
6. Getting jobs for men and women.

And you know what they still invite more suggestions!!!!!

Something we all got to know is, the team that is working towards this has no support from anyone but they are just on their own. Another interesting fact is only a couple of them can speak the local language ‘Tamil’, in spite of which this service continues…..

I’m totally speechless and thanks to my cousin Malar, who is one among these Gods who sent me the link. Let us all try to support these Gods, if at all we can’t become one.

P.S. Pls do visit the blog and let those Gods realize that there are still few humans left in this world.


  1. Beautiful! Will donate for the cause, what I can

  2. Such a wonderful effort. Yes! its truly noble. Wish we could help in some way too...will check out their site now

  3. wow, that is wonderful... will ask my bro abt more details.. hez also studying @ SRMCI...

  4. WOW! That's great :). I would surely drop by their blog and find out if I can be of any help.

  5. Beautiful..
    And updated my blog!!!

  6. Honestly knew Ramavaram only as Late MGR s thottam..Never knew here was such a big slum.Good you did this for a cause.Will check it up

  7. Truly Noble effort Aarthi on their part.Great that you are highlighting this noble cause.

  8. @jollyroger


    Sure...ask him to help them too.

    Good sweety...:)

    Will c tht soon.

    @CU let others know abt this too..:)


  9. Hi Aarthi.. Thats truely a noble cause...

    Please do let me know how can i help..

  10. @techno cupid
    Jus chk out their site... u'll know :)


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