Monday, May 12, 2008


I can say this is a sequel of my previous blog. I wanted to mention about it in my previous blog itself, but was worried whether it would bother my friend who shared her experience with me….But surprisingly when I told her about my ‘Appraisal Fever’ blog she insisted me to write about her experience too…:)

Boss: I am appreciate your performance from last appraisal.
[Don’t get confused this is how his English is-just an sample I can’t continue in the same filthy English coz I’m afraid whether I’ll lose my vocabulary]

My Friend: Ok

Boss: Why have you rated ‘B’ for certain tasks?

MF: I was not assigned any such tasks so I thought it is not fair to rate myself ‘A’.

Boss: Since you were working on a more important task and it is my mistake to have not assigned you those tasks I give you ‘A’.

MF: Ok

Boss: Do you need a promotion?

MF: Will any one deny?

Boss: But I think you don’t deserve one.

MF: Ok

Boss: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah………………….

MF: Whatever….OK

So by this time you’ll think this is all over……but No


Episode 2: After a Couple of days……

When both MF and her boss are in a meeting with some one else, who has a very good opinion about MF.

Boss: I think you could have performed better.


Boss: You had so many opportunities to prove yourself but you didn’t utilize it…

MF: ………………………………?????????!!!!!!!!!!!------------


  1. Bosses are always unpredictable...............

  2. Ah man..No clue about how ppl work here...

    Appraisals are kinda unheard of in this part of the world atleast! :-s

  3. Bosses are always weird.... Infact, I hv started writg a post abt weird bosses..expect it soon.

  4. Its very happens in many organisations.highly qualified & technical whiz kids when promoted as managers or bosses exhibit very poor HR skils & this results in them unable to communicate and take their junior colleagues along. its sad

  5. @sandhya
    Ya...but I have a doubt..Is that how we shd be or we will be if we bcum a boss sumday????

    Might b u'll hear soon...:(


    @Compassion unlimitted
    Having atleast one..either tech/mgmt skill is ok..but having none...I really wonder how they get thr!!!!!!

  6. Well. Real world is like that..:)

  7. ha ha.. semma spin po...

    i don't know why in appraisals the boss talks and employees only say an 'Ok'. we give them a space, he rules.

    i just don't blame managers as they were also like the ones on the otherside of the seat.

    had fun reading it... lol poor friend... oh yeah... remember scouts and guides motto..? - ur turns comes soon...

  8. @jaggu
    It shouldn't be like that...What do u say?????

    Exactly we keep discussing abt it...but never tried to implement it..unfortunately..:(

    Seri aalu ena blog panradhe ila???

  9. Aarthi, appraisals are actually 'aap'raisals :)

  10. Aarthi, appraisalla usually aapu dhaan adipanga!! That is why i said it should be called 'aap'raisal rather than calling it appraisal :)

  11. I hate doing appraisals, because, firstly, its so boring and repetitive, secondly its judgmental (who the hell am I to judge someone's behavior - (we have work and behavior appraisals) and thirdly, I know whats going on in their heads - Get a life you #$#%$#%!!!

    Know how I know that?? Cuz thats what used to go on in my head!! hahaha!! What goes around comes back!!

  12. Dost. u have been tagged....

  13. @Oxymoron

    Oops I missed it.. will chk out :)


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