Friday, May 23, 2008

The Black Driver

Venue: Nairobi, Africa

Date: 5-6 yrs back [approx.]

  • My Aunt-Tara,
  • My cousins-Gowri and Malar, [Thanks for sharing this with me]
  • Tara’s family friend-Let me name her ‘X’ [who by then had recently shifted to Nairobi with her husband and whose native is Madurai, a town in Tamilnadu.]

The Story:

I think people from India…if not whole India, at least from South India mention the car boot as ‘dikki’. In fact I was doing the same till I heard this story from my cousins!!!!!

X’s family and my aunt’s family planned for an outing. They decided to take both their cars with their African drivers. When they packed everything for their trip, X was bringing it out to place all that in the car. Gowri, Malar and Tara were following her.

X called for the driver and before she placed them in the car she said..…
“Open the dikki…….”

Totally shocked and out of words…the driver stares at her…She again goes…
“Open the dikki…….”

This time the driver was really furious….

Gowri and Malar who were watching this couldn’t help and were laughing out aloud and ran to Tara. When Tara came out she heard X saying it again for the 3rd time…or for the nth time...


Tara had to rush or else she would have seen X being killed by the Driver!!!

Confused? Or Clear?

Read further….

The word ‘dikki’ means a guy’s reproductive part [I tried my level best to make it sound decent]
Now can you imagine the bewildered look on the poor driver’s face?

Moral of the Story:

Better you learn the local language [even local English] before you speak, when you are out of your Country.


  1. LOL..This happens even in our own country more so when one travels abroad

  2. lol..That was hilarious! Wonder how embarased the driver and Ms.X would have felt :D

  3. hahah... thts funny... . even indian languages... there r sum words we use routinely in 1 lang.. but in other lang. its really objectionable word... well dnt want to say those word..

  4. lol!!!!!it was really funny incident:)

  5. @Vasu

    @Compassion unlimitted
    hmm yaa...:)


    He he...yaa..poor x...and poor driver..:)

    Hey..Welcome after a very looong time doc...:) happens...:)

    @bit rocks
    Welcome here..:)

  6. OMG ! I can understand X's reaction after she know the meaning................

  7. ROFL... Poor driver.. Poor X...

  8. hahaha.. good example that!

    there's been loads of incidents here that dealt with people speaking wrong English and getting brick batted... but errrr... Can't remeber any now! :D

  9. ROTFL!!!!! Imagine if the driver had complied!!!! HAHAHA!!!

  10. @sandhya


    He he...ya it's like we wont get things when we look for it...:)



  11. u serious? i call it dikki all the time...booty is a rude word were iam based...i just cant bring myself to call it a trunk, coz i believe the elephants may take offence

  12. ROTFL - Rolling on the floor laughing!!

  13. @Tys on Ice
    So you prefer to call it di.....



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