Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Celebrating Women's Day !!!!

Getting up early in the morning ready to face a fresh new day ahead and with all the energy and enthusiasm we go walking when he comes and gives a small dash over the shoulder… “Ouch” we say and turn back expecting him to apologize but surprisingly he gives a disappointing cum happy look-huh…confused???? Disappointed since he didn’t dash where he wanted to and at the same time happy to have touched a women’s body!!!!!! Great what an achievement thinks himself…..Shit should we face this even on a women’s day thinks the female.

Appearances are deceptive-100% true; people who look pucca decent can even do that. I have heard about harassment but this one was pretty surprising. Small dirty talks, trying to touch hands while passing money, unnecessary conversations like why was Mallika wearing such an exposing dress and how did she look in that and which exposed part looks the best…..Shit man …Why do you want to talk about that to me….Why do I care about what she’s wearing….Well if you flirt you need not exhibit that you are a flirt….coz I know you are one…hmm and what kind of a pleasure do you get when you rub your hands in mine when you pass on something…haven’t you ever touched your mum’s or sis’s hands…it feels the same…try it out to them if u want to know how it feels.

Dressed very well and when told to people around no one would even agree that you are a flirt coz you are very old…..why are you so desperate…don’t you have your wife…well if she’s out of station or you don’t have one then I’m extremely sorry I’m not the one to replace your cravings to…you have other people around for that. Won’t you understand until you get a slap…really didn’t want to create a scene that is the only reason for holding back. See normal flirting is different and harassment is different and I know the difference very well coz of the obvious reason that I’m a girl.

Why can’t you have a true “FRIENDSHIP” like other decent guys out there????? OMG Prem, Logesh, Sandesh, Rejish, Balaji, Ashwath, Hema, Niks, Satish and to all such friends…..hats off to you!!!!!!! You are rocking guys!!!!!!!!!!

Can’t understand? This is what a gang of girls were talking sometime in last week. I wanted to write it as a blog to let people know that girls are still being tortured or harassed however they defend themselves, especially in workplaces. I used to think that this is not possible in this century but believe girls and guys…it is happening till this date. These are very few which I was able to mention here ….there are worse things happening…which has been censored!!!!!!

I have a doubt ….Are you guys facing similar kinda problems too???????? Or is it just we are the lucky ones ????


  1. everyone faces such issues...one of my friends regisned her job over a problem like this...

  2. Hi Aarthi.

    Bad Luck of Girls. I dont think any of girl has got a good luck in this matter.

  3. you are true... Even though it looks like these kind of issues no more exists, if u dig deep u will find a whole tin of worms. Generally I found guys who are outspoken are better in terms of silent ones. Silent ones & aged ones seems to be the most vulgar category.

    But on the +ve side, defntly well behaved guys r also on the rise. lets hope for the best. Chill down girl.

  4. yup - itz a sad truth that things like this still happen...

  5. Its a pity that such things still happen. I remember an email that did the rounds when that HP employee (Pratibha) was murdered, some sick man had written commenting on the pictures that if women wore such clothes,they are responsible for the crimes.

  6. Well, it all depends on the individual attitude and thinking. But as you said, these things still happen. This makes me remember my college days. You believe me or not, we established a protection team for girls in engineering college ( i am serious ) and it worked well also. Not sure whats going on now.

  7. Hey dude...i have posted new tag. Check it out when you have time..

  8. Hi Aarthi,
    I can understand how badly you are hurt. I also now understand that when a person is deeply hurt, blog is a way of expressing and letting the steam out of the system.

  9. awww..hugs girl,...
    crummy isn't it?

  10. Next post plz.....been long...

  11. it has been long since u wrote. but it is kinda nice post. it is sad that there are still guys like that.

    Next time just give a tight slap and carry on with your life. don't quit your job or aviod the problem, just face it.

  12. Its sad and hurting too..hopefully these should come down with education, no I am not talking of the college degrees,but education in its true sense..till then its a sorry state..one has to simply pour out these frustrations in every available form..sorry gal

  13. @the artist
    hmm..its terrible...:(

    yup...i agree.

    ya i go with u...v can trust the outspoken ones to silent ones..



    hey tht cool...good work..:)

    Atlast after argueing with me so much and irritating me like anything u accept...grt.

    @thinking aloud
    hmmm very.....:(

    yup...coming soon..:)

    Such idiots deserve much more...do u think i cld have not done that...it will jus take me a sec and i knew he would have been kicked out if others come to know about it..i didn't want to create a scene n jus let him survive thts it.

    @compassion unlimitted
    Ya, but I really wonder when will all this come to an end??

  14. As long as there are women and as long as there are men, lusting after women, this will continue, a.k.a, until the end of our species!

    There has never been a time when I got into a bus and didnt get out of it screaming my head off in Tamil, English and the mix!!
    Its the bitter truth of the plight of our nations.

    No one can fight this except the one going through it. The person who went through the harassment from the older guy, shouldnt just leave at asking questions. There are ombudspersons and sexual harassment tribunes at the workplace. He can be warned, memo-ed, disciplined.

    We all go through this at some point or the other, the important thing to do, is not be passive about it. Like Gandhi said, 'Be the change you want to see in the world.'

  15. @Oxymoron
    I love those lines dear...:)


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