Monday, March 31, 2008

Catty..Cutie Cat

I don’t remember his name, but I still remember exactly how he looked. I’m not even sure whether it is a him/her. Yaa…I should have been less than 5 years old and he should have been younger than me. I really didn’t bother about his sex and I prefer to refer to him as “him” and not “her”. I remember how I tortured him but inspite of that how he loved me. But he was my 1st and my last PET …ya he’s my catty cat-that’s how I mention him.

He was usually found roaming on the roads and on a special rainy day he was cuddling under a small shrub in my garden. I was making paper boats and was enjoying the scene….shouting loud in enthusiasm while it floats for a longer distance than my sister’s boat and shouting loud in disappointment when it sinks...:( Let me first tell why I mentioned it as a “special” day…....ya for the obvious reason that was the day he became my friend. Though I have seen him before, I was more happy when he came to me..:)

I saw him shivering and somehow wanted to help him. I asked mummy for a ‘small’ blanket, she was confused, then I said it was for the catty there. She came out with a torch to see him and he was frightened on the flash of the blinding torch light. He tried to run away, I was shouting at mum “Mummy please don’t scare him away” Then she switched it off and we tried to find him out in the dark rainy night. We couldn’t find him and I had to go to bed with a big sad face and no wonder my dreams were all about him.

Next day morning saw him again and this time I didn’t want to scare him so I waited with a bowl of milk and a bread slice and made that “chu chu” and “meow meow” sound to attract him. There he came…my brave boy…to get his food after a lot of hesitation and a long wait with a hungry tummy. He was not very fluffy like the other posh home grown cats, but I liked him for whatever he was…The torture I mentioned above was-- I used to wake him up by pulling his ears and I never used to carry him…might be I thought I’m too small to carry anything/anyone and I always used to call him, if he doesn’t come then I used to drag him with his tail. Poor cattie cat he won’t even scream…and has not even scratched me with his nails for all I did. He was such a nice friend but I had to lose him due to nature’s call-I don’t want to elaborate on this one.

I asked myself why I thought about him after a very long time and why I felt like writing about him ???

Reason 1-I read about cats in
Curious's blog and I wanted to write about my one too. Thanks to Curiously Curious…:)

Reason 2-Since I didn’t do the same for a while, he came in my dreams and reminded me and hence this catty cat story is here for you and me.


  1. wow.. a cute pet story :-D nice to read old pages from memory...

  2. well written, lil sis. Cats are great pets and it is a ridiculous superstition that when they cross our path, they are thought to bring bad luck.

  3. Good to think of old cutie cat's... BTW, initally after readg first few lines I thought may be this is abt one of ur old crushes..ha ha

    Hey, did u get my test mail?

  4. Oh such a sweet post for the catty cat! :D

    I'm almost on the verge of missing my cats now... Man they are such pain when they with me and the i start missing them when they are not here!!! :)

    Am sure Catty cat somewhere up there will be softly purring for this post! :D

  5. really u like cats...? thatw as cute btw...

    i've written a catty tale too..chk on the right side of my blog...

  6. @xh



    He he...ya I did

    Ya.....I miss him toooo:(

    @thinking aloud
    Will chk out....:)

  7. hi aarthi,

    so u love cats........ Nice story...

  8. Thats cool to recollect the sweet memories.

  9. recollections ..simply superb..Cats in dream..hmm..good luck..

  10. not much action these days...where are you?

  11. @Sandhya

    Ya, it is...but it gave me a bit of sadness too...:(

    @compassion unlimitted

    There it is...:)

    @work honey...:(


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