Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tagged(5)-Object(s) of Affection

Now I have been tagged by ‘Thinking Aloud’ to write about the object of my affection. It was not very pleasant to see my blogs being predominantly filled with tags but this one is quite different, which I can say gave me a break and made my brain think for sometime. Hey ‘Thinking Aloud’ thanks a lot for this….you made me think aloud…:)

I’ll pick it up as “objects” of my affection and not the “object” of my affection…coz I can’t find out the real object of my affection. I myself am confused about what is the object of my it in the past, present or future? Is it the best things in my past that I’ve lost now and I’m still in nostalgia or the objects [includes people] I’ve got now and feel gifted for that or the fear of the future that I might lose what I’ve got now….hmmm…I really don’t know.

Not getting to the serious side there is a big list of objects of my affection….friends still tease me for calling all my gadgets my babies…..:) I can say at any given point of time these gadgets will be in my mind, thoughts and even dreams…Will you believe that I dreamt about having Nokia N96 in my hands!!!! Even a small mark on any of them will upset me…my new Dior [obviously expensive] sunglass which made me fight with my friend G3 since she was pointing at a scratch and saying yes it is a scratch!!!!, that cute heart pendant, LG viewty [which I’m begging people to get for me from S’pore], Sony flash drive 2 GB, yet to be released Nokia N96 for which I visit GSM Arena at least once everyday to check whether they have preponed the release date…phew!!! still a lot more but I don’t want people to think I’m crazy..actually they already tell I’m crazy…..hope at least they don’t conclude.

Other than this the first thing my friend suggested me to write about is mirror, she suspects whether I talk to the mirror everyday coz of the time I spend with it….which is actually not more than 30 mins/day but still she says its abnormal…C’mon I am a girl and I think there is nothing wrong to be girlish and hence this is not abnormal…..the argument is still going on....I leave it to you to decide whether its normal or abnormal. The 2nd suggestion from her is my poor weighing machine….to which I say “I love you” when it shows my weight less or exactly 58 and which I curse, kick and hurt myself when it ERRONEOUSLY reads my weight 0.5 or a kg more….he..he..:)

I think everything that is related to me in my routine life will remain close to my heart be it very small and silly to big and important…its all the same. So this [also] forms the object of my affection.

Fine…. again…I have to do this…like passing on a burden to someone after i've done my part....but Thank God no rules and numbers to be followed so I’ll ask Shashi and Karthick to write about their object/objects of affection. Have fun guys….:)


  1. Thought u would have included ur dream sony laptop as well.

  2. Hey didnt know girls were gadget crazy!!! (I'm not sexist) A real eye opener. Whats your take on those cute girlie versions of the gadgets in shocking pink colours!!! ??

  3. Nice to know about your objects of affection.

    Its all tech-savy objects :)

  4. OMG.. u seems to be a Gizmo ngeek for sure.

    30 Min/day IFO mirror... Hmm. Yah Yah atleast we ourselves have to appreciate our beauty... if not others

    ho ur 58 kg Tajmahal or Dustbox? let me know.

  5. wow!! u r a gizmo freak..woohoo!!!

    i'm such a klutz when it coems to my mobiles!!!

    want inside info on N96? :D

    i so understand about the glares...i'm very possessive abt mine too...

    mirror talk...sounds soothing...u must be happy with yourself b4 u face the world!!!so go ahead girl, stare all u want...:)

    thanks 4 doing this....

  6. @ Vasu
    Ya wanted to...forgot..:(

    Ya I love pink coloured ones....typical girlie stuffs too...n i knw i'm a bit crazy abt mobiles...:)


    Yup Iam one...fortunately/unfortunately,...I donno...and me neither a Taj Mahal nor a dustbox....might be sumthing simple...:)

    @Thinking Aloud
    Everyone says that they couldn't believe that I'm a gizmo freak....I myself wonder sometimes...and ya jus 30 mins in front of the mirroe..justifiable...:)


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