Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jana Gana....

Two weeks back we went to Sathyam Cinemas on a Saturday as per my routine to watch a movie. I’m a person who will get the true essence of watching a movie or who will be able to enjoy the movie to the fullest only if I watch it from the trailers/ads. We were rushing since mum delayed… as she had to collect clothes from dry clean. I was yelling at her saying even if I miss one scene…might be even the productions name in the screen then she would have to take me to the same movie again. As usual she paid no attention to what I was talking!!!!!

Hell with this traffic…each n every time we near a signal I used to pray to God that it shouldn’t turn red and make us the unlucky ones. God gave us green signals..all the around 5-6 traffic signals…I couldn’t believe it….overwhelming with joy but still not able to enjoy it completely we reached the theatre….Now, we can’t wait for the lifts and mum is slow in steps…which is the quickest option…I started thinking. Well I can’t urge the lift but my mum,yesss. I was literally chasing mum to be quick…she mumbled “People pushing in Thirupathi are better than you” hehe….I giggled.

With all those running, climbing, yelling and gasps we reached and I would have bumped into that ticket collector. Poor guy he gave a confused look and even before I asked he told us –“Movie has not yet started. 5 more minutes, don’t worry” aaahhhh Thank God. Mum’s face had an terrible expression which conveyed “You should have let me take the lifts… idiot/stupid/whatever” I tried to give an innocent smile …:)

We got to our seats and now it’s her turn to yell at me. “What do you think you are doing to me. Is this an age to run? From next week I’m not coming with you to watch movies……..” and it was going on. Do you think I would have been upset…hehe no way…it happens every time we go for a movie and shopping. Her standard dialogue would be “I’m going to tell dad, I can never manage you, ever. From next time I’ll ask him to take you

Suddenly everyone stood up….didn’t understand what was happening…people were not even hurrying so nothing is wrong…but what else....whole theatre was silent….and so mum stopped. Everyone were staring at the screen where S.P.B started singing Jana.......... Gana................... OMG…..I got goose bumps….A.R.Rehman’s music in DTS and S.P.B’s voice and the whole crowd singing together….each and every word uttered with laid emphasis and complete feel….I don’t know what to say but EVERY INDIAN SHOULD EXPERIENCE IT.

I remembered my school days where we get to sing our national anthem everyday, but now we hardly do it and this idea is really awesome. I loved it. Wish they would implement it in all theatres. I was sure mum won’t shout at me for rushing, after this and I won’t rush to see the ads or trailers but to get this feel again and again that refreshed my mind, body and soul.

So guys n gals, auntys n uncles, thathas n paatis...everyone in Chennai go to Sathyam Cinemas not only to watch a movie but to experience gives a feel better than the one you get after a bungee jumping. Well, I don't mean it's scary but the feel you would never forget or you would never wish to forget.


  1. Jai Hind!!! My Father used to tell me in his childhood days, it was mandatory for all the theatres to play the National Anthem before starting the movie. Somehow this practice has not continued. It would be great if this is made compulsory again. Listening to it certainly gives one goose bumps(Pretty similar to what we experience during a bungee jump,good analogy!!!!)

  2. Hi Aarthi,
    Regarding the discussion we had on your previous blog, i was wondering more about the presentation rather than the content. I sincerely believe that these guys should be hanged in public(Stoned to death,may be). Now i understand that when it comes to pouring your heart out, style and subtlety do not matter. Certain things need to be told in a hard-hitting manner to have maximum impact. I'm so sorry to have irritated you------>From a friend and fan.

  3. There used to be a time when the national anthem used to be played at the end of a movie. But then who would wait till the last scene...
    I agree on the feeling when you hear the anthem. It sure is beautiful.
    And maybe next time, you might have your mom dragging you along in a real hurry

  4. i can remember the same happened in Delhi while watching Chak de india on 15th August.

  5. the feeling u get whn u hear the national anthem is somnething i cannot trransform into words.. kudos to Sathyam cinema for thsi initative - hope veery otehr cienams also copy this...

  6. Well thats wonderful. Good to hear people are so sincere to the nation anthem. But the only said thing they never forget to treat it like religion and in discrete form, which disassemble all the enthu and tempo put into it. And yeah must say the description was really good. Keep up.

  7. Hey thats great to hear. Hope you have enjoyed the movie as well. Did you mention the movie name you went to??....:-P

  8. Tamil le sollanam na.. " Pull arichirkum" :D

    I kinda get thet feeling when the i see chennai's horizon from the plane.. Man the feeling is jus out of the world! :)

  9. Wow! Why did they sing the anthem? New practice in Satyam?

  10. That's a nice thing happening in theatres.
    Hope you had a great time enjoying movie!!

  11. Two things of note from this post!
    1. Time out with ur mom..thats super! I plan to do exactly that when I come back home! Have told mom that we'll be traveling, shopping and doing other girl things together!

    2. The national anthem is not supposed to be sung under a roof.

    3. After I noted point 2, I thought, well, thats like saying, you can find God only in a church/temple/mosque or the likes, which I dont believe in..!!

    Nice post! And poor aunty, dont torture her like that!!

  12. nice mom used to say this was paracticed when she was a kid...

  13. i am sure it must have been a very proud feeling. everyone should goto the cinemas 5 minutes earlier to experience it.

  14. @Vasu
    I never knew they used to do this before.

    Yup..I expect the same...:)

    Ya ...we really should appreciate this.

    Ya, I agree with you.Thanks for visiting...Keep coming...:)

    Hey, the movie was Jodha Akbar I think.

    Ya my cousins used to say that whenever they come from Kenya. I have never noticed that till now..might be will have to feel it soon..:)

    Yup new..only in Sathyam...:(

    Yaaaaaa...sure I did...:)

    Hey you don't appreciate this initiative???

    I don't disagree with ur 3rd point but tell me how many of us think about our country often?? atleast once a week?????

    @the artist
    Ya, I heard tht only now. I never knew.

    Yaaaa..everyone should....:)

  15. “People pushing in Thirupathi are better than you” - I Empathize with ur Mom.

    I would have bumped into that ticket collector - I'm sure he wouldnt have complained it though

    Ho really.. Last film I went there is Billa at that time I dnt think they played National Anthem. Anyways.

  16. Hey Aarthi..Good to see these kinds of postings related to india..Thanks to Satyam Cinemas.

  17. @cm-chap
    he...he...Hey I noticed it only in Sathyam, not in Sangam or Serene...:(

    I know U'll like this post...:)


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