Friday, April 11, 2008

Should I ?

I’m really confused, irritated, frustrated, tired……….
Continue reading and tell me what I should add on to the list above.

Dad’s Stand:

Why should 'you' drive when I gave you your favorite car [Honda City] with an efficient driver to take you around? In spite of his 23 years of experience he himself couldn’t avoid an accident, though it was just once in 23 years I really care for you a lot and I’m still not out of that shock. It is not that I don't trust you but I don't trust the rash drivers you might have to tackle.

Being a loving father and knowing about the uncontrollable traffic here and terrible drivers on road how do you expect me to let you drive in the chaotic environment. Even if I let you drive now [just coz you are pestering me so much and you’ll be really unhappy if I don’t] each and every minute I’ll be tensed thinking about you. I really can’t be normal until you reach home everyday.

Do you really want to push me into this situation?

My Stand:

I know you love me so much and I’m really lucky to get such a loving dad. I insist you to understand that I love driving and I’d say it is my passion. Not only the drivers, however efficient a person might be we can’t predict when we’ll meet with an accident. If at all everyone gets worried like this, there will be no one driving today.

You have to trust your daughter dad and I’m not a rash driver. You know that too. Whenever I see any women driving on the roads, I’m almost into tears. [Well I don’t cry that easily, a bit of exaggeration to convince him] In spite of you giving me so much liberty, when I think about this I feel so bad that you are grabbing away my freedom.

Why don’t you gimme a chance and see. Might be for approximately 6 months?

After all this argument for more than god-only-knows-how-many- times he still says the same and me still sticking on to the above words there seems to be no end. So should I have to just go ahead and take my car? But I’ll feel dead guilty to hide something from him.

Help me guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And of course girls.


  1. If i were you, i would have done exactly what my mom and dad wanted me to do, for now.
    And may be over the time, would have tried my hands on steering:)

  2. Parents have this uncanny feelings hidden in them.
    i know that an accident can happen even while walking on the street. But maybe you should sit it out and talk to him once more. Ask him to give you a chance to take the car out once in a while.

  3. play the trust card. If you have to go by his argumenst for driving, then the same applies even for walking down teh road...

    if you love driving, nothing likde driving the car - you will never be happy sitting in the side seat.

    dont throw tantrums - may be - you can take him along for a drive and show him how you drive, and slowly build up the confidence... thn he may allow you.
    I have a friend who used to ride bullet and drive jeep before marriage, but her hus refused to let her drive and ride after marriage. it took her time, but now she is back @ the steering wheel.

    dont lose your heart - keep trying, and you will get your way :-D

    Happy driving days...

  4. Awareness of traffic rules is almost non-existent among drivers in Chennai. You must know that better than anybody else after a couple of minor skirmishes in the past two months. But that doesn't mean you can't drive. Take your dad for a drive in your local area couple of times. Convince him that you can handle the chaotic traffic.

  5. You must drive. But a fellow driver's advice find a good city to drive, what you are likely to do in Chennai (or any metro here) is something else!! Trust me after 40K kms here, I have some authority on the subject.

  6. Hey..I just went thru a similar thing,but of course in my case,my son wanted to take the car and i had the pangs exactly like your father. Its simple.For fathers and mothers kids never grow up !!So whether its a toy in younger age,a car in the growing up age or marriage at that appropriate age..the advises would always careful my kid..its not lack of trust its anxiety...
    So cutting the long story short my son and me came to an arrangement..the first few days, he drove and I sat along !!( poor kid )Once I realised I didnt have to advise him,when to brake,how to turn etc ( LOL )I let him take it for short distances ( of course till he returned home I used to find out on the mobile if everything was ok)
    Now I have no problems !!
    But the whole damn thing took about a month..till then my son was to grin and bear it !!
    See fathers are fathers your Dad will be no different..try this above trick which my son did ,to bring down the anxiety level
    OOps did this sound more a blog by itself or an unsolicited
    Good luck

  7. Have written a post about your post. Check it out.

  8. reminds me of a scene from full house. if i remember correctly DJ's dad wasnt letting her go beyond the clutch. she finally got her uncle and friends to convince him to let her learn, and yeah, stuff like 'i'm gonna be your baby forever sure, but other people won't see me that way'.

  9. Hi Arti,
    Hey...I've been missing you coz I've not been seeing more of you now :P
    I agreee......Driving is a passion so ur dad shld allow u to drive at least one way to wrk and the driver cld drive u back, jst for ur dad's satisfaction. Try to work thing out but v r there always to help :D

  10. Hey, its general tendency of parents regarding their children. And they specifically care in case of driving. They dont generally want girls to drive alone as boys. Its not that you dont drive properly. But its parents tendency. It happened something similar in case of my sister. So i suggest you to go with driver upto sometime and drive along with him. And tricky thing is, make him tell you r faather that you are driving much better. This will basically balance your and your father's emotions. Later he will obviously allow you freely. And dont forget to take him for few drives to get more confidence on you. Hope this works.

  11. And apart from this, do visit my blogs also..ha ha..:)

  12. Ha Ha... Cho sweet goodie goodie girl huh!!!

    No one knows whats the perfect way arnd for this.. I shall tell u my approach. By the converation I understand, this request & denial is hapng for long time. So bing bang approach wont work.. try step by step approach.

    Tell ur dad.. u wud be glad to take him for a ride in a road which is more comfortable for u.. that too on sunday early mornings. Tell him all u want is jst one time drive as of now. Being a sunday & early morning.. I'm sure u most get it. If not pacify for that... rem only for that.

    Once ur successfully done it... Next step saturday and sunday 30 Min drive... offcourse he also sitg along with you.. Send this request. May b do this for a month or two. Later I'm sure he will consider your request.

    But ensure dont try to keep reminding hiom that ur a good driver.. u can handle traffic well blah..blah.. Jst do the act dont keep pointg it. It will work.

  13. @m.flowerr
    hmm...tht's the reason I wrote this blog...I really didnt' want to disobey him...:(

    Talking didn't help...I've tried all kinds....:(

    Ya, its really hard to convince him to take him with me for a ride..thats what I'm trying now...:)

    I think you were advicing me to drive at all?

    Do you mean to say I can never drive in metros? I read ur blog that you have mentioned...:)

    @compassion unlimitted
    That is a good idea...since talking didn't help me out...I shd try convincing my dad for a drive...:)

    @the keeper of the keys happens everywhere and wish even my story has a happy ending...:)

    Hey sorry dear...since i'm working now I don't find much time to blog...but still I make sure I do it atleast once in a week...:)

    Mmm..most of u have given this option so I think I should try it out...:)N hey I am reading ur blogs...:)

    That's a clever idea to take him a drive on a sunday morning...will try and let u knw how it worked out...:)

  14. @ALL

    Thanks a looooooot for pouring in so many different suggestions and your own experiences...thanks a lot everyone...will try them and let you know the outcome....:)

  15. yes Aarthi, you can drive well. Just take your time and convince your dad with your driving, so that you can drive with your dad's approval.

  16. Only reading is not fine..:))

  17. You are tagged. Check out my "10 reasons why I blog" tag

  18. that is some dilemma indeed!!! i think the only way out is to build his trust in your's going to take time tho. :(

    parents!!! am i going to be this way too?

  19. @Jaggu and Sandhya
    Done your tags....:)

    Next Gen kids won't wait for permission I guess...:)


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