Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The IT Park

The day before yesterday I had gone to one of those posh IT Parks in Chennai. I should say that everything was just mind-blowing---the roads, greenery, the buildings, the posh interiors and what not -even the people!!!!!!

I think after 2 yrs I got a chance to be there-I mean not the IT park but the area where it has been put up. I should admit it reminded me Sydney a couple of times –other than that the day was sunny. The roads were so clean and tidy. I was peeping outside my car to find something like bits of papers/dust accumulated in the corner of the roads, but found nothing. Not even a bump, I could comfortably write on a paper while traveling. OMG!!!!!-is this what all have been shouting out as the IT Revolution. Indeed it is a revolution. One should feel it to accept it. I cursed myself for not getting my cam:-(

Near the entrance, I had to undergo all those formalities to get a visitor pass and park the vehicle - all without any hiss. Everything was very well organized and it was a 'no-compromise' area. Rules are rules and I loved it….:-) Inside the building, I found myself in a whole new different world. It was centrally air conditioned. Most people in formal wear and with a professional look rushing around during the lunch hour. There was a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee space for a food court-that naturally grabbed my attention first. It had everything I loved-Gangothree, some CafĂ©, Sangeetha, Marry brown…yummy. I wish I had someone with me to share a meal.

It also flaunts of having a health club, swimming pool, a book shop, knick-knack store, medical centre, florist, optical shop, beauty parlor, help desk, travel desk, courier service, ATMs and Forex services. Wow Wow Wow….I should be dreaming. To top up all these different flavoured ice creams there were these nuts and cherries-the people. More than anything I felt the people were very friendly and helpful.

The 'aayahs' were in their uniforms; gray pants and shirts- it was an unusual sight for me in India. Their hair was excessively oiled and few with those orange coloured flowers[I don't remember the name] and other few with jasmine flowers in their hair, which were not even my finger length. More than the aayahs themselves I felt I was more worried about how they managed to keep that in their hair and let it not slip down. I was giggling already….Errrrr I was the only one giggling and I stopped before anyone gave me an odd look. Not just the place even the people were chic and classy….mmm…Chennai Rocks!!!!!!!!! [I wanted to write a separate blog about the 'aayahs' but thought it might be boring for others]

I was about to enter the corporate office and slipped myself. God…..Wished no one saw me….but unfortunately, the lady in reception was already controlling her laughter and was trying to turn it into a smile on her face. Kadavule!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Inda nelamaila English ellam varadhu].Thanks to those clear glass doors. HMMMMM. I managed myself a smile and went to the lady enquiring blah blah blah blah blah blah, as if nothing had happened.

I was in the waiting room for the person I had to meet, while I noticed another guy there waiting for someone. He was too much into the daily newspaper. He was dark with a very serious reactionless face and was neatly dressed. I could see his uneasiness when I sat beside him. Oopssss!!! I was sitting a bit too closer to him, that if he/me gets up we might stamp on each others leg. He gave a sign of relief after I moved myself away. It was funny-Aarthi this is not the place to giggle –mmm Be Serious. I was picturing how I would have slipped and what would have been the reaction on my face that made the lady laugh….Giggle-ne thirundhave maata. The dark guy gave an uncomfy jerk. Must have heard me giggling. Ayo Aarthi !!! Remembered what my cousin used to say to me-“Aadhivasi Adakivasi” –ok ok . I told myself-“Answer me now-what’s smoke testing?” Kilinjadhu.

Soon pulling me back from my thoughts [Thank God!!-he he he] the person the dark guy had to meet appeared. They were sitting on the other side of the room and I was all ears [what if I get the same questions]. The Dark guy goes “I’m aasdf, did my sghjk, in asdfghjkll….”, like an L.K.G child-“My name is Blah Blah, studying in L.K.G- B section in S.B.O.A Matriculation and Hr.Sec.School, Annanagar, Chennai” Yeppada…I’m far better, so won’t be a problem. He was still continuing “blah blah blah blah blah blah blah …..…My father is an auto-driver and my mother is a……” I didn’t hear the rest of the sentence. What!!!!!!!!!!! Cha cha I would have not heard properly. It should have been something like automotives and not an auto-driver for sure. Towards the end the person asked again-“What’s your father?” He said “My father is an auto-driver”. I couldn’t believe my ears. It was all mixed kind of thoughts into my mind. I can imagine how much this guy would have struggled to get there. I compared myself to him. I told everyone what I heard-Mum, Dad, Poori expecting someone to say something but all were blank like me!!!! I think this was much of a shock for me.


  1. hey ur article was really gud..i dont feel lik commentin ur article..u hav done a excellent paper work..i hope u can do manything lik this
    so tat many can learn something frm ur article n u hav marvellously spotlighted abt the IT park
    i really liked ur blog work.
    gud job done yaar.keep it up
    mere saalam aapke leye dhosth

  2. hey its nothing to comment...gud work in the way u have narrated... but in this compete world, i appreciate the guy who u met... i dont think he struggled or suffered wat ever u call... he has more confidence thats y he was ther... otherwise he wont be... good work dosth.... well done... keep up the gud work..

  3. I don't agree with you Selva, coz jus having confidence won't help. I know how reputed the firm is and I know how much I had to go through to get there. I'm sure he would have struggled a lot but not suffered.

  4. hi arthi.... its again gonna be a argument... i have worked in the place where u mentioned here.. i too have seen many ppl like wat u mentioned but to be frank he has more confidence in the way like... though he has struggled he had succeed at it should be appreciated.... and great work from u too ....

  5. I hate to argue so I'll just leave it like this.


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