Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Laughter and Me :-)

I realized how important it is to give statutory warnings, like the one in cigarette boxes and warning for expecting mums and heart patients before watching a scary movie or getting into a roller coaster ride. So it is my duty to give you a similar word of notice [not statutory though] before you go through this blog so that by the end you don’t conclude that I’m a bit insane.

I should have hanged myself to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coz that’s what I told Karthik when he asked me to sleep immediately after my heavy dinner. :-) “I’d rather hang myself than to sleep immediately after a meal”. But that’s what I did today morning!!!

We were chatting till 3 a.m regarding Koundamani and his jokes in Tamil movies. Karthik was quoting all those funny dialogues and me being a professional giggler!! was laughing my head off, holding my tummy trying to stop it from aching. Sometime Koundamani's jokes will be absolutely irrelevant and I feel that makes it funnier. Some of the best ones being

Suryan-“Hello Mr. Vaidiyanathan, namma rendu paerum idhukku munnadi Delhi la meet pannirukkom, appo ongalukku mandaila mudi jaasthi

Suryan-“Salethla mukkiya premugar kaidhame” and he goes “ En Coimbatore la mukkuna kaidhu panna maatangala?

I’m not sure whether everyone considers this as a joke; I would say only very few who have keenly noted every bit of his comedy could enjoy his jokes to its best.

I would laugh even for the most silliest of jokes and which had occasionally made me an ‘outstanding’ student in my school and college days. Just when some one goes like- “Aarthi shall I tell a joke?” and I would have already been half way through giggling and just imagine my state by the time the joke would have come to an end.

Actually we started with something really sensible and serious- discussing about our career, interviews, etc and after a while my brain got heated up so just changed the topic to jokes and Gosh if at all anyone had seen me then they would have no doubt dialed KMH [Kilpauk Medical Hospital]-the one for mentally retarded ones. And all this mess ended up at 3 a.m and thought, I should hit the sack or else I might miss the gym the next day-which is a greater sin than ‘sleeping soon after eating’.

Aarthi wake upppppppppp its already 9…….wake upppppppp…..” not able to bear mum’s scream, I got up. My eyes were burning and I just wished not to open my eyes and sleep for some more time. But I had to go to gym and hence should have my breakfast at least an hour before. It was 9.30a.m - I had finished my breakfast and was literally holding my eyes open to keep myself awake.

Trinngggggggggg Tringgggggggggggggggggggggggg. The usual normal ringing sound was unusually disturbing today. It was like someone sitting on my ears and blowing trumpets, I got up with a jerk. In spite of holding my eyes open, I had dozed off....zzzzzzzzz. It was a call from Mum saying that our driver didn’t turn up today and hence asked me to skip the gym for just 1 day.
Wowwwwwwwwowwowoww. Hurrrrrrrrrrrrayyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got a valid reason to sleep. [If it had been on some other day I would have fought with mum to let me drive myself to the gym]. I have never felt happy if I had to skip my work outs but for the 1st time I did.

At 10 a.m I was on my bed cuddled myself with the quilt and making myself warm on a cold rainy day. I don’t remember when I slept but it was 1 p.m when I got up with my vision clear, brain working and me feeling human. Gosh only then I realized I had slept quite soon after my breakfast…..…just recollected what I had told Karthik yesterday and again laughter!!!!!!!!!! There should be an inseparable bond between laughter and me. Lucky me!! coz laughter is the best medicine. [Giggle!!!!]


  1. well not a big fan of kaundamani.. but i like vivek among tamil comedians....
    ya and keep smiling... u always send a positive aura among others if ure happy...
    nice blog btw..


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