Thursday, August 9, 2007

Real Surprise!!!!!!

I love surprises and even to surprise others. I read my 1st blog a couple of times but never ever thought to check if there were any comments left for me and my writing. I was too sure that none would read such a silly blog. Today an hour ago, I was really really surprised to see a comment for my blog. I was chatting with my friend Karthik and was telling him about my blog. I sent him the link to get his feedback and only then I noticed that I already had one. Now, reading both the comments has motivated me to write more, in particular more sensible ones. Especially Karthik's comment is a bit too much of a praise, which would create more expectation. That is what he expects from me, by praising me he indirectly encourages me to write more and had also asked me to cover a variety of topics. I felt really special and happy to get boosted up by two individuals-one being an unknown person and another a good friend of mine. This blog is like a thanks giving note for the two of them who tried to give wings to my fire-according to the words of Mr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.So for the readers there I will try hard to give my best and according to Karthik-it is a hot cup of filter coffee on a rainy day-will serve you one soon Karthik.


  1. Thanks aarthi for considering my request to come up with wide variety of write ups....

    Friends aarthi is being modest here...does a bird need motivation to fly? does a fish need motivation to swim?

    aarthi is one prolific writer in the making....we are looking out for more in the coming days...



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