Friday, July 27, 2007

My First Blog-Can I name it a Blog?

I think I have not even completely understood the concept of blogs, but just wanted to give it a try coz I like writing. I'm not a literature student but still have a passion for writing. Today was a lazy day, I was waiting for my Physical trainer in the morning. She said she won't be coming and instead asked me to visit her new Gym once at 11 a.m. I thought I would go, so that I get a chance to meet my school friend who comes to the gym. When the time was 10.45 a.m I was too much into the novel I was reading, I really wanted to finish it today, even before going to the gym. By the time I finished it was already 11 a.m and so just started browsing. Long back I heard about blogs and today got a chance to try it out. Though this blog sounds really mundane, I wish I could make it better and interesting in the coming days. This is just a flow of my thoughts and can I name this a Blog?


  1. Y not?
    Hoping to see many more thoughts.. posts in this blog
    Read more post.. post more for readers.

  2. Whatever you have scribbled here is wht blogs are meant you can without 2nd thoughts name it a blog...

    i never knew aarthi was very much into writing until i came across her blog....i know she can talk abt a wide range of topics ranging from friendship to fitness, movies to music, nature to visitors you are guranteed for a feel good ride as you parse through her scribblings....

    she can make you feel light with her words and at the same time make you think deep with her philosophical approach towards life....

    Aarthi, thanks for taking to blogging to write your mind out which i am sure will enthrall friends make it a point to visit this page often and get refreshed by her words which will be like a cup of mom's hot filter coffee on rainy morning...

    Happy Blogging Aarthi...

    From your 1st fan,

  3. hi dosth...nice to read ur blog(thats wat u call).... nice to read....and especially the photos are really superb.... gud work by u... i mean it was the great work by u on 25th anniversary for ur parents.... well done my friend... really proud of u...

  4. while i read my friends blog...just gone thru ur blog....take care arthi... if possible do keep in touch in

  5. @all

    Thanks a loooot for being here :)


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