Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lovely Rain

Just had a shower and logged in to check my mails. Inbox (3), opened to see the mails-all three being junk. Go to Hotmail-nahhh…go to Rediff-no use….try ur luck in Gmail-wow 10 mails. Clicked Inbox and all were mails regarding scraps in Orkut….hmm fine…atlast can go to Orkut and reply for the scraps-all done in less than 5 mins. Thanks to the broadband internet.

“Ping! Ping! Open the Door Please”-that was my calling bell- the watchman was with a mail-again not for me….but for dad. Threw it on the sofa and came back to my room and sat in front of the PC wondering what to do. Was a bit hungry, had oats in the morning for the breakfast. I was tempted to eat the chocolate cake and buns mum had got for me, in spite of me warning her not to tempt me with bakery foods. The usual dialogue would be--

Me-Mummy, please ma let me come down to 55-57kgs and then will start eating all this.

Mum-Enough of dieting and exercising. You know something; you look like a duck already, with a craned neck. [I really don’t care-who worries about one’s neck-well, I don’t] And anyway my intention is not to tempt you [Lie!!!!!!!!!]What if you feel hungry sometime when I’m not at home-that’s why got this for you.

Ya mummy you are right, I felt hungry and opened the pack unwillingly, actually willingly…. Thank God-I remembered my cook keeping a bowl of pomegranate in the refrigerator yesterday night. Gosh-I saved another 300-400 calories. Good Aarthi-Keep it up. !!!!!!!

Damaaaaal Dimeeeeeeeeel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-ayoooo mummyyy@##$-heart skipped a was thundering outside, sounding like a bomb blast in the street nearby. In spite of that, I kept the balcony door open-Kolupu di unaku. The wind was really strong and was letting the breeze kiss my face. I could see the clothes left to dry on the terrace in my neighbor’s house. I was waiting for the rain, envisioning my neighbor running and picking up the clothes on the floor and the ones that were getting wet. Wowwww-Rain-yeahhhh it started raining…. Rushed to my balcony…. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee climate…the next thing I’d love to enjoy after eating chocolate pastry is to drench myself in the rain… if not at least admire it. I ran to grab my digicam and took some snaps…. they were not up to my expectations. Dad…..Grrrrrrrrrrrrr-what happened to the SLR cam I had asked for????????????? How many times should I miss such amazing clicks…:-( :-(.

I loved to see the clean washed roads, hardly few cars and bikes on the road with their lights on [no noise pollution], people hiding themselves under umbrellas, trees and roofs…..the rain pouring from the sky….wow wow wow…and at last the lady in my neighborhood picking up the clothes…..hehehe-idula oru alpa sandoshama…. Actually no-I love, adore and enjoy almost everything that’s happening related to rain-except the thunder and lightening.

If I start scribbling about rain then, I would never stop. Got to study for the class in the evening. It is raining more vigorously now, already water being accumulated in the corner of the roads. Another signal to make me stop writing-lights flickering here, I could encounter power shut down at anytime…so before that, let me bid bye for the day. Do check out the pics in "My photos".


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    Nice blog by the way....

  2. Cool was really "Cool" not just for the sake of using the word...I really felt i was standing in chennai and watching the rain...your writing visualizes so many things and you've really got an amaeturish professional touch to writing. I guess thts becoz of your reading habits. You also order and structure your writing beautifully....these are not just plain words..i mean everything i say.

    Come up with more blogs like this with a tinge of natural feel to it. It feels good to read this first thing in the morning...and photos accompanying your blogs are a nice idea and makes reading more interesting...


  3. hello, you asked me wahat language do I speak....well I speak romanian, english and I can conversate in Hungarian, and maybe some italian.....but we can talk in English......

  4. Rain is singing a song..
    Why protest its arrival with a black flag(umbrella)?

    This is the attitude i have towards rain. I also liked the lyrics of the song from 'varsham'(Srivennala sita rama shastri)

    'Valapu vana dharale pamputhunnadi aakasam
    Chinuku poola harale alluthunnadi neekosam'

    --->Rain lover

  5. @Vasu
    I'm a rain lover too....:)


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