Sunday, February 24, 2008

Awards from Preeti->Me->You

Omg this was a very big surprise for many awards.......just for me!!!!! from just one person.....Thanks a llllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Preeti................:) and I give all this to you too. I would like to pass this on to my other blog buddies.

1.You make my day Award
I would like to pass this on to 'Compassion Unlimitted', 'Kuttibalu' and 'Shashi'.

2. Friendly Site Award
This is again to 'Compassion Unlimitted', 'Kuttibalu', 'Thinking Aloud', 'Prats', 'Meghna' and 'Ranjani'.

3. Best Blogging Buddies and Forever Friends

These awards I pass it on to everyone in my blogroll....:)

4. Sweet Blogger and Roses Award

This is for m.flowerr, CM-Chap, Nithya N, Curious and Thinking Aloud.

5.Bear Hug and I love you Award

These awards goes to Sandhya, Being Oxymoronish, Curious, Shalini, Sindhu,Ranjani, Prats and Thinking Aloud.

Please take it up....:)


  1. Hi Aarthi.

    Thanx a tonne for d awards.......

  2. Wow! Thanks... what do I do?

  3. Thanks Aarthi! That's sweet of ya:).What would i have to do now?

  4. Hi Guys,

    Just copy paste it to ur blog...simple...:)

  5. Ho Thanks... Its always nice feeling to be called as Sweet.. that too by a cute girl. Do u thnk I would wait to grab it... I have grabbed it with 2 hands.. :-)

    BTW..u been to Sydney? I will be here till April last. Wats ur email ID? Mail me if ur fine with it.

  6. Hey wat's ur mail Id? I did my P.G thr..I was thr in Sydney for 2 years...:)

  7. Hi Aarthi:

    Thank you so much

    That's so sweet of you.. grabbing with both my hands!! :)


  8. That was immensely sweet of you ...Now i'm grinning like a cheshire cat...

    Where do I paste it in my blog... ( a lil challenged when it comes to such things :P )

  9.'ve just made my day...i needed this to make me smile...

    and so many....u bet i'm grabbing these!!!

    thank you so much...

  10. iam in ur blogroll, so iam gonna take that award...

    i wud like to thank my mother, who has stood by me, my wife who always knew i wud make it; not to mention tintu, chikru, pakru and all the rest who stood by me...this is as much urs as its mine...

    thank you *sniff* * sniff*

  11. Mine is Mail me I shall respond.

  12. @sindhu

    Jus wherever you like...might be like me to the right...:)

    @thinking aloud
    Tht's grt...enjoy...:)

    @tys on ice
    He he...c'mon man..cheer up..u deserve this...he he...:)



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