Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Miss Her....

Separation shatters me down…

First it was my sis....

When she rang up and said “Hey I’ll be coming to India and be staying there for 2 months” I was like “What the Hell…Why such a long stay?” …but now it seems like ‘just’ 2 months…:( Already all the fun, joy, laughs vanished and the house is empty again without her. Can you even believe that this was the first time I felt that I miss her!!! Though we stay together only occasionally these days…I had always felt it is better that we stay away to save the house being transformed in to a war field and all spoons and forks being turned to be the proud swords and cannons.

This time there was no much war, might be that is reason behind this ‘I miss her’ story. I really don’t know whether it is our parents who failed to build that bond between us (or) as the elder one I should have made it strong and should have been holding on to it (or) is it my misconception that she never loved me and hence I didn’t love her (or) vice-versa.

I miss her…truly…for the very first time. She said she’ll be back this December again…
Waiting for her…for her laughs and pranks to fill the house back with her noise. She doesn’t read my blog and after writing this I don’t think I’ll even let her know my blog link , though she’s my sis I think I feel a bit odd or even shy to say ‘I Love You’ to her.

During this wait for my sis, the next separation happened…

It was followed by Gaagi…

She was a colleague, then friend now I could say my mother…

Gaagiiiiiii” I used to drag her name and she’ll know I’m going to ask her for something…
Ya tell me…What is it now?”
Can you get me my brush and paste pleaseeeeeee
Gaagiiiiiii water pleaseeeeeee
Gaagiiiiiiiiii can you feed me pleaseeeeeee
Gaagiiiiiiiiiiiii tell me some bed time stories pleaseeeeee
"Gaagiiiiii tell me do I look fat in this dress for one last time" [I would ask that for the 100th time...]

I absolutely become her child and this list goes on & on & on & on…

She left home for a weeks time. It is not even a day since she left and I already feel completely lonely. Technology transmits sound, images, etc across borders, I think the next should be the sense of touch…I really don’t know how I slept yesterday without her pat. This is so terrible and for the first time I wish I had work even on weekends.

Separation, be it temporary or permanent is the most unbearable thing according to me.


  1. It hurts ,but den these days technology can definitely soften the impact( though you have denied it in your post )

  2. hmm... yea.. it hurts.. but thts life..
    btw.. aarti im impressed uve transformed ur blog completely it looks.. amazing..

  3. Huh..Thats so sweet. well all of us sail n sam boat.

    I & my 1st sis use to be treat each other like India/Pakistan when we were together, but these days she is the most missed person. I talk to her in phone everyday doesnt matter which part of the world I'm in.

    BTW.. I can let your sis knw this blog link..shd I?

  4. Separation is a pretty painful thing to happen.. but read this somewhere

    "Separation Exists Only in human Mind".I remember crying badly on the last day of college as I was parting from my freinds..but then even after 4 years I have constant touch with them and have never felt the separation...Oh yeah i threw up a party when my sis left home after wedding :)

  5. Hi ,

    I was reading ur blog posts and found some of them to be very good.. u write well.. Why don't you popularize it more.. ur posts on ur blog ‘Lost in Utopia’ took my particular attention as some of them are interesting topics of mine too;

    BTW I help out some ex-IIMA guys who with another batch mate run where you can post links to your most loved blog-posts. Rambhai was the chaiwala at IIMA and it is a site where users can themselves share links to blog posts etc and other can find and vote on them. The best make it to the homepage!

    This way you can reach out to rambhai readers some of whom could become your ardent fans.. who knows.. :)


  6. Oh...these sisters can really make our lives heel can't they...I know how it is to miss one so miserable...sometimes I wish she never went to another city at all....
    but cheerup...she'll keep visiting u and i'm sure she knows how much u love her

  7. imagine the days when people had to rely on PIGEONS!!!! for messages... can you? i can't. but i'm certainly grateful for this telephony although not for the service providers.

  8. Awww, am going thru something similar!!!
    1st it was my cousin who's flown away to USA for his undergrad.. gosh, i miss him oodles....

    2nd missing my uncle and cousin who were here for a holiday... close to my uncle and my cousin lakshmi is just 3 and a sweetheart...adorable!!miss her tonnesss :)

    wouldnt it be awesome if the world was smaller.. we kinda shrink it so all of us are closer to each other???? :D

  9. it's really a very touching post dear Aarthi. loved it to the core. i think you should show this post to ur sis... believe me it will give her immense happines and thus you too will be very happy.

    nice to knw that you have such a sweet friend whom you can call ur mother.

    god bless all the three of you.

    n the new blog look just rocks ..just like u.

    love you girl. i wish 2 c u soon.

    take care
    :) :) :)

  10. @CU
    I do agree with you, coz sumthing is better than nothing. :)

    First welcome back after a very long time doc. Thanks for your comments, do drop in here frequently...:)

    Hey thanks a lot for coming forward to do that. but i have to admit I'm still very shy...:)

    It happens have to learn to go with it..n overcome it too.:)

    Thanks for dropping here...will do that soon...:)

    Hey...I wish she really knows...u knw...:)

    ha tooo....:)))

    It feels grt to call sum1 by my name....:) And ya what u said is right, but the world is already too small for our population..he he..:))

    hru sweety...seeing you here after a very long time i guess...n wow..u like the new look???? thanks Dear....:)))))))

  11. Nope. No way! I hate my brothers coming back home...and I do miss them like hell..But I'd rather visit them than they comin over! :D

  12. @curious
    He he..that is coz..ur parents attention will completely turn towards them...isn't it?

  13. hey U have just penned down my exact feelings....

    my sister visited me a fortnite ago and during her entire stay we talked of things we had never shared before...maybe bcoz me being the elder one never considered her old enough to understand (though she is just 2 yrs younger to me)...

    but we bonded so well felt like i found a long lost friend...

    well your article really made me senti...thanx a lot was gooood :)

  14. that was really touching...i kno how it feels wen we miss somebody so much...keep writing!

  15. very true.......

    btw you are tagged!

  16. that bit about technology not being able to transmit touch...

    i have a tear in my eye now :'-(

  17. @imemyself
    Hey that is so similar u sis is jus 3 yrs younger to me and even I've felt the same way..that she's too young for me to discuss everything. Might be this time I'll try to open up and lemme see whether it works out :)

    Hey welcome to my utopia...Thanks for your comments and do keep coming...:)

    Will take it up soon sweety ...:)

    OMG.....Tissue pls...:(

  18. Ach, I can understand the love-hate bit about siblings! Cant live with them, cant live without them! Btw, does Gaagi live with you?? Do you still live in the same house?

  19. @oxymoron
    Ya Aashi.. She stays at my place and she was my collegue. I've shifted to another place now :)


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