Friday, August 1, 2008

Stir Me Crazy!!!

On a Friday evening, having finished all my pending works a day ahead…aaaaaaahhhhhhh at last got some time to wander in my utopia…:) Should say it is a real stress buster…even better than shopping…:)

So wanted to change the look of my blog for so many reasons
1.I’m too bored with my blog’s skin.
2.Think it is in trend now....saw so many people doing it and their space looks really great and inviting too!!!
3.Might attract more readers/ the same readers to read my blog.

So mission started at around 12 p.m today.

I was looking for different templates and I chose a very pretty one in the combination of black and blue…my favorite colors….I was all teeth…eeeeeeeeee:E I downloaded it and pasted in my ‘Edit HTML’ space, clicked ‘Preview’ and closed my eyes. Just preparing myself to see my blog (at last) looking really cool and warm [What?%&!@]

Ya, I opened my eyes in less than a minute with so much of expectation to see my utopia in black and blue….and still my teeth showing eeeeee.[Remember the orbit gum ad….here I replace the Cow….trust me.. ya I do replace and not duplicate]

O M Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

It was not B&B but all White and Red. Though I liked the white I hated the “Red” there.
It said some error “blah blah xml blah blah close all tags” Shit man…again…what the hell is ths???? This language scares me :( Now what is this xml crap.

I tried again and again in all possible ways with different templates. Some one asked me to try dreamweaver...I thought it was dreamviewer...ok fine I did download it but what to do with this dreamweaver/viewer. This was even more complicated. By then it was 4 p.m. I would have annoyed at least 5 of my friends… not letting them do their work and enquiring about what to do with that xml error and racked 3 to fix it immediately, where only 1 at least tried something and said “SORRY”.

Why should this happen to me? Only me???? My eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee was no more there and it was mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now... completely zipped up. I still remember struggling to fix the blogroll thing in my blog and one fine day [probably should have been my lucky no luckiest day..] I fixed it and slowly made it look better……if not the best.

Seeing me struggle even past 5 p.m, my friend suggested me ‘Why not ask your blog friends?” Ya not a bad idea…but how well can they communicate through mails and comments. I was thinking for a while….then came to a conclusion….Why not try it coz I have no other option left.

So here is the birth story of this blog….Now, are all those kind hearted bloggers ready to pool in your valuable suggestions?

P.S – Pls “bulb” kuduthudadheenga …tell me whatever you know.
This drives me crazy :(


  1. if u r online now, show me the error, will try to fix it...

  2. hey

    hmm,i've been thru this too.. there are some templates that just wont work, same error as yours.. so i jus use other ones...

    u shd chk out finalsense, lovely stuff there!!:D


  3. hehe...

    i was just going to suggest xh, and i see he's already here...

    all the best...for te new look

  4. waiting for the new look & make over !!
    Good Luck

  5. @xh
    Hey sorry cldn't catch u...but aaarti's suggestion solved my prob..tell me how the new look is?

    hey thanks a loooooot worked at last...thanks Arti [it is a bid odd to address sum1 by my name..:)]

    hey tell is it?

    Thank u....think ur wish helped me out..what do u think?

  6. looks pleasant , But you youngsters can change it often.that will be the best,for change is eternal

  7. hey ...
    thanks for dropping by...
    anyway new look looks good...
    i did have the same feeling some time back...
    now i got this new start a blog...but with a discussion board...
    looking into it...
    if it works...will be inviting you to join...ha ha lol
    Known Stranger

  8. Nice look! I actually learnt HTML after fidding around with blog template...

    Learnt all my stuff here :

    Very helpful.! Chk em out! :D

  9. @CU
    Ya soon i'll be changing the templates for my pix n vdos and once upon a time too...:)

    Thats cool..hope it is not too complicated for my lil brain..:)

    Hey will chk it out soon..thanks dear....hope even i learn sumthn useful...n btw one of my collegues loved ur blogs..jus thot of letting u knw..:)

  10. First of all, they let you download and execute files on your office computer???? How cool is that?!?! Secondly, been there, done that, slapped my forehead as well!! So, right now, offering you a supportive hand and no other techy stuff =D

  11. He he...Thanks Aashi....:) So when are you landing here and what next?

  12. Nice look.. Gives a neat and pleasant appeal :) Happy independance day to you :)

  13. Ok makeover done now waiting for posts !! lol

  14. hey this looks good///
    so u finally did it?

  15. Ha Ha... It happens for everyone first few times.

    Sure. I can give consultation for your problem... but it will cost. Is it ok?

    Mail consulting - 250 USD/mail
    Phone consulting - 500 USD/call
    Direct consulting - 5000 USD/visit

  16. @jollyroger
    Hey thanks...:)

    Hey Thanks sweet...:)

    Coming soon!!!...:)

    yaa...but this time didnt really struggle that hard...:)))

    ha ha...seems like you charge very less??? ;)

  17. Hey

    how did it work?? pliss to let me in as well. cos there are some templates am dying to use but cant cos of this silly error!!

    :)ur namesake

  18. @aaarti
    Hey it is v simple sweety...go to finalsense...u jus copy paste it n thts it...simple right??? Try it and lemme knw.

  19. Now where are you lost, Come back to the Bl;ogs !!

  20. @CU
    :) though very late.. I'm here to say I'm back ;)


Nice to see you here. Thanks for dropping by..keep coming :)