Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tagged(2)-New Year Resolutions

Shalini had tagged me to write about my new year resolutions…Well I’m supposed to take up this tag before new year, unfortunately I was held up at work, with relatives at home, trips every weekend n blah blah blah….. I am so sorry Shalini …But I’m happy to write a New Year blog in this New Year!!!..Oops what does that mean??…neways let me start …..

I hardly remember taking up any new year resolutions!!!! When I was a kid and when my parents used to stress the importance of studies, they even helped me to decide my resolutions…So I can say I had never had any New Year resolutions in my life…:) So the suggested New Year resolutions were
1. I’ll get 100/100 in all the subjects and be the class 1st - I never thought this is possible…and I never wanted to be the class 1st and being called a nerd!!!!
2. I’ll help mummy in kitchen- this didn’t work out coz I had to wake up early, so dad opted for a better option- a cook…:)
3. Not fight with my sister- Hallo!!! That’s quite natural....I think so…..:)
4. I’ll wake up early everyday- Impossible……coz of this factor I had to kick off some other resolution….so this one is ruled out.
5. I’ll obey my parents- Well I don’t want to say about this…coz my parents have to say how obedient I am…:)

So this was all my childhood “suggestive new year resolutions”….and there must have been many other silly small ones which I don’t remember…I already have another tag to take up…:) Hope will be able to do that soon.

Missing you all……….Take Care and Have fun……………..:)


  1. That was damn the by where had you vanished all these days ?
    New job, on your toes tight ?

  2. :0 ha ha.. the childhood resolutions.. sems like you dont get much time to blog now a days.. take care...

  3. hi Aarthi.

    so, u have remimded me to the childhood days. Getting 100/100 marks n no fight wid sis (Impossible).
    i think this resloution will implement at this age also;-))

    anyways, u was asking abt my spcl thg. Aarthi, this is a vry trivial thing otherwise i will let all of my blogger friends..

    Take care

  4. Hi Arthi...
    U posted a comment on my blog...sorry couldnt get back to u sooner..
    the camera I use these days is a sony DSC H7..its a good one...
    I think the only resolution i am sticking is that never have another new year resolution......ha ha halol..
    Take care arthi..
    Known Stranger

  5. ha ha ha! u took me 2 my childhood dearie. such a sweet post it ws.

    hey gal.. i hv 2 awrds 4 u. plz ck my 7th jan's post. i hope u will like them.

    tk cr :)

  6. @compassion unlimitted
    Thanks...ya come ppl work and still come back home smiling...I really wonder...:)

    Ya...i'm jealous of all regular bloggers now-a-days u knw...:)

    Ya it's allvimpossible even now...and hny....:)

    @known stranger
    Hey thanks for tht info....n tht

    Oh really...did i take u back to ur childhood days..thts nice.And 2 awards for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!excited and u r being tooo generous and toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice to me..thanks a lot dear....Take care...:)

  7. hi..were you planning to write about your childhood resolutions or the resolution for this year !!. even i resolved to get 100/100 in all subjects but ended up getting 100/100 only in maths:(

  8. haha.. cute one :) No probs you took the tag up late.. It took me back to my child hood days when I got 100/100 :p So, never mind .. lol :D

  9. @ancientmariner
    Hi..thts y I told I dont hav any resolutions for new year..I used to have them when I was a kid..that too coz my parents asked me too take up one...:)

    Hey..thts nice u didnt mind..n ya everyone liked tht 100/100 bit..u knw...:)


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