Saturday, January 12, 2008

I beg your pardon........

I can say this blog is a sequel of my previous blog-observations. I’m supposed to mention about the following people or incidents in my ‘observations’, but I wanted to elaborate on each one or did I try to escape… I really don’t know, but I’m here to express my guilty feeling…might be asking for pardon…but I’m sure I want to write about this. Let me list the causes of my guilty feeling and some say I need not be guilty and some say yes I have to be….

Cause 1: I see this really old lady near that signal almost everyday. Sitting on the road she keeps talking to herself angrily....or to someone whom I can’t see or might be she's talking to God. Mum said that to me once, when I was small. I pointed a mad person and asked her “Mummy to whom is he talking to…. [Giggle]….Is he mad?”, “No honey, God speaks to such special people, you know. You should not laugh at them.” I remembered that...The old lady’s face will always be filled with worries and anger.....I wonder why? Might be her kids just kicked her out of their house?? Or is that she just don’t have anyone?? I don’t know, but so many vehicles crossing her everyday and so many people at least give a glimpse…but why has no one done anything to her. Or why haven’t I done anything to her?… but still people say “It’s ok don’t bother yourself for such small things”….Is this a small thing…another human being…who might have been normal like any one of us at some point of time, is abnormal now and no one could do anything about that???? I’m disturbed.

Cause 2: This person I see near the same signal, whom I doubt might be the old lady’s husband or might be even my weird imagination, seem to be sane, but a beggar. He looks more terrible….like a white cloth dipped in dirt and sand, losing its original colour and completely torn into pieces. Every time he comes begging I rush to get out some money from my purse….but by the time I do that he moves to the next car. Still, I could pass it on to driver and would have helped him with that Rs.10 or at least keep that money out the next day….After 2 weeks of this guilty feeling I managed to give him that small amount, but I have just helped him for a day…What about the rest?????

Cause 3: This must have been the cutest of puppies I have ever seen. Running so enthusiastically around people waiting in the bus stop, as if pleading for love….looking at him for the first time any girl would go “cho chweet” but no one seemed to care about that little one. In the beginning I never thought it was mad….no one would ever imagine that…but everyday I just pray to God to save him from being beaten up by any truck/van....he is just too small to meet God…that’s what I thought…..:(

I know I can do something for these three ceasing souls, but I don’t know what’s stopping me- laziness, or just being irresponsible, or the feeling ‘when no one cares, then why should I?’ .....

P.S- I haven’t seen that mad dark guy I had mentioned in my ‘observations’ later. I’m disturbed again…:(


  1. Hey, many of us face the same dilemmas. You can try calling on an agency to take care of such people and yes make a donation for the same.

  2. Hi Aarthi, your care and concern for such people in this age of narcissistic hedonism is quite commendable. As suggested by Jollyroger you can definitely make a positive contribution.

    P.S: I would like recall a quote i had read somewhere about sanity. "If each one of us, so called 'sane people' write down each and every thought that crosses our mind,and read it all again, we will then realise how 'sane' we really are". Interesting thoughts...

  3. @jollyroger
    Yes, I'm planning to do that..after writing the blog I felt more guilty and was discussing with my mum about this and she came forward to help me...:)

    That's an awesome quote honestly...wish everyone reads it.

  4. oh ! aarthi! it's such a beautiful post dearie. each n evry line reflects the purity of ur heart. this post of ur's hv touched me deep cos many a times i go thru d same dilema of not doing anything for ths ppl...don't know y....

    may b 1 fine day...but again d question arises...y not 2day itslf?

    n abt d awrds..m happy that u hv accptd thm. u sure do dsrv thm n many more 2. copy them from my blog n upload in ur blog..that's it :)

    tk cr
    :) :) :)

  5. hats off to you... for taking the first step of putting down ur thoughts.

    May be bcoz we see a lot like this..we people have become insane. But as u said instead of thinking abt it.. we shd start acting on it. great Post.

  6. no need to feel guilty, aarthi. connect them (the first two) with some ngo - and if u r really ntretsed, go and spend some time with the NGO during ur weekends.. it is really a nice thing to do.
    about the pup, eitehr u cn adopt it or take the pup and give shelter at SPCA :) there is no point in feeling guilty - if you can act, do that. it may be a drop in the ocean, but still, it is worth a lot.

  7. you've taken te hfirst step of being concerned about them..if it make you feel better do what xh says...i'm sure this good deed would cause a nice ripple...what say?

  8. Its time to do something worthful, not for publicity but for prosperity for our nation.

    Stop feeling guilty and start acting smartly..

    You can donate some money to them as that is the possible help you can do them.

    Also the more you give the better you 'll earn :-)

  9. you did your part and as much as u can by donating some money.

  10. guilty - wow!
    u can definitely make a difference, but there will always be people/areas you cannot. accept them as human limitations.

  11. I have an award for you in my blog. Please come and collect it :)

  12. Hi Arthi,
    This posts shws that there is a lot of humanity in you and that there are still people left who care for others. Your concern for them is quite commendable!
    Hope you do succeed in trying to help out these poor souls! :D

  13. @everyone
    I really wrote this blog to express my guilty conciousness and your comments really helped me to think about the next step..Thanks a lot everyone for your suggestions...esp thanks to xh and karthick...I really felt better coz u made me realize that I still have chances to help them..n Preeti dear will take up the award soon

  14. Dont even care what others think and stuff. Do whatever you like when it is good. Nobody can stop you. You will get the power automatically. All the best.

  15. @Jaggu
    Thanks for those supportive words..I'm trying to deveop that attitude..:)


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