Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bengaluru Molestation - Blame the girls for we are so used to it !

Sexual abuse and being molested isn't new to any woman ! Every women I know have stories of being molested by a stranger, uncle, teacher, security guards and drivers. The only qualification you need to do so is to be a man craving to feel a woman !! Shameful !! 

Not that we got used to it over time but we learnt how to deal with it. A few of us got only brave enough to fight back, a few still shying away to even discuss about it and a few just got locked up inside the house in the name of safety !!

It is shocking how a brainless bunch could try to blame the girl who was molested. 
What was the girl doing on the roads at 2.40 AM? 
What was she wearing then? 
To all those self-protective perverts how many more real-life examples should we quote you?

When a 65 year old lady was raped, what was she wearing?
When a 3 year old kid was raped, how provoking were her clothes?
The first time I was molested I would have been just 5-6 yrs old and the "pallu pona watchman kelavan" [toothless old man] would have been in his mid 60s !!

Still you want to blame us?

It is easy to pass the blame on a woman as you have been doing it all this while and you weren't questioned at all. Now, it has become an easy practise. 

Being a mother of a 6 year old girl child such incidents doesn't fear me a bit. Having been a victim myself, not just once but many a times, I have only evolved stronger.

The first time I was too young to even understand what was happening.
The second time I complained to my mom.
The third time I decided to face it myself.
The last time I made the guy run for his life !!

Through all such incidents I only see a future where girls are much stronger both mentally and physically, that there will be a time where such mindless perverts would never dare to molest any girl even at odd lonely hours !

I have always felt and still feel that self-defence is as important as education to any girl and such incidents only re-emphasize the need for it.

A note to all such secretive morons who are hiding among the everyday crowd - I warn you !! Pepper sprays will soon be replaced by hard powerful kicks - you know where. You better keep your pants zipped up or your parts might get misplaced.

Hello society, you can still blame us and we are all used to it now :)

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