Thursday, December 8, 2016

What a little girl taught me?

We often learn lessons from other's life but what this little girl taught me are lessons for life !

Let me share a little about her here,

This little girl was the second child in the family, after her elder brother. Her dad passed away when she was just 2 yrs old. She didn't have the luxury to live with her mom too, who relocated looking for jobs to support her family. 

A childhood without my parents is something I could never imagine ! I couldn't have started my life with such a challenge.

She taught me to be independent. She taught me that one can be independent even at a very young age.  

This little girl was really smart and witty that she scored good ranks in her school and was the class topper. She was an all rounder, that she excelled in sports, arts and studies as well. When she finished her schooling she was given the 'Best Outgoing Student' award !!

She taught me "Irrespective of what life gives you, you should give your best".

This little girl who passed out of the girls high school with scholarships to achieve her dream of becoming a lawyer, remained to be just a dream ! She had to choose a career suggested by her mom to help the financial crisis in the family. 

At the age of 16, all I was worried about was my home work, how to convince my dad and get a bicycle and probably about the guy whom I had a crush on !

She taught me to be prepared and face the unexpected with a broad smile.

This little girl was pushed to deal with a patriarchal society at a very young age. She fought, she gave her best and she did succeed. She became famous at a very young age.

She taught me to deal with life boldly. She taught me that it is sometimes ok to let go your passion and you can still shine like a star if you work really hard.

This little girl's mom passed away when she was 22. With no support, at a very young age she fought all the odds in life. She fell in love with her colleague(if I can say that way) but she couldn't build a legally acceptable relationship with him. The only way she could be with her man is by following the career path he chose. Later in her life she admits that her personal life was a failure and probably if her mom was around, it could have been better. She says though she didn't have a 'perfect' personal life, she would be a mother some day.

She taught me it is ok to be a failure. She taught me that you need lots of guts to accept your failures in life ! She taught me not to get stuck with your failures but to move on and explore what the world has got for you !!

The career path she chose wasn't again easy for a women. She didn't budge. She pushed herself to play the game where she knew she was all alone. Her man dies when she was still in her 30s !! She didn't give up the career. She was not accepted by the men around her, she was humiliated and that didn't stop her. She challenged those, that she would come back as a boss.

She taught me that personal loss and humiliations shouldn't put you down. She taught me to be brave, take an oath and put them to shame who humiliate you.  

She returned as the boss ! Success and failure didn't bother her much anymore. Even in her 40s and 50s, life had a lot of surprises for her. She faced everything with a charm and tackled all the challenges with absolutely no one's support. She put all men under her feet, who once humiliated her. She fought patriarchy like a feminist. 

She taught me to surprise life, when life tries to shock you. She taught me to fight harder. She taught me to face all challenges in life even after I attain success. She taught me to be a boss always.

During her final years, she stood tall and strong, not physically but as a leader, a woman leader ! She shocks the world with her demise all of a sudden ! What she couldn't see is millions of people who cried for her. She didn't have true friends, a good family, parents, spouse or even children. She stood all alone, only until her death ! She dies as a mother.  

She is the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr.J. Jayalalithaa.

She taught me to be bold.
She taught me to be fear less.
She taught me to be a true leader. 

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