Wednesday, January 1, 2014

People Change & So Do Their Preferences !!!!

I really don't want to write the same old story about how I missed being here and promises [fake] on how I will be regular here after.. Shame on Me !! But.. Still.. I just feel like saying a small secret whisper - 'Miss You' to this little space.. my Utopia :(

I am really surprised to see some obvious changes in me as I grow old - be it good or bad it just happens and we live like that - with changes within us or even around us ! When it happens to people around us, sometimes it becomes a bit hard to accept it. Have you ever felt it ? I am going through one right now.

One of my best friend who always loved me more than I did and who always said that irrespective of how I am she would still be the same to me, changed overnight ! Or might be the change happened gradually but I just didn't realize it :p We have always been there for each other and there were no secrets between us. If you know me you would know her too and vice versa ! But what got in the change? Her financial growth ? The people around her? The society she is exposed to? I don't have an answer !

I had all the rights on her and it even extended to her close circle until one day this random 'X' came into her life. We both felt that her life without this 'X' would have been much much better as it was truly like a pain in the ass [PITA]! It was always there, how much ever she tried to get rid of it. One random day (say after an year or so) we ended up talking about 'X' and I was surprised to see her opinion towards that PITA had changed completely. Knowing about 'X' [all from her] I couldn't stand it when people change their mind so often ! We got in to an argument on how she can't go praising all of a sudden about 'X' and how can she forget how X = PITA a while ago !! For all my doubts, anger, frustration, curiosity and confusion her only answer was - 'It is better you don't talk about 'X' any more '! Gosh ! I was taken aback... Because I had all rights to talk about her, her mom, her dog and every single living thing around her but not 'X' !! 

It was a total shock initially but now, after a couple of months, I learnt how to handle this. I just ignored everything that happened and I had to accept the fact that 'People Change And So Do Their Preferences' !!

 I feel so much better and light when I started accepting the change :D

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